Fall Bucket List for Frugal People

The best fall bucket list

Create the BEST Fall Bucket List with these ideas. These ideas are perfect for frugal people, who are looking for free or low cost activities to do this fall.

Fall is nearly here! One of my favorite seasons (besides Christmas time) is Fall! I love the comfort food, the way the light changes in the evening, the crisp fall air, and warm, cozy sweaters. Along with those things, Fall is a great time to do fun, frugal activities specific to the season.

Here is a Fall Bucket List for Frugal People that you are going to love! There are plenty of ideas to fill up your fall calendar with frugal fun.

fall bucket list for frugal people
  1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch.
  2. Have a pumpkin carving contest with friends/family.
  3. Find fall festivals and harvest events happening in your area.
  4. Go to a local apple orchard to pick delicious apples.
  5. Go for a hike. The temperature will be much more bearable than in the summer time!
  6. Try Halloween themed cookies. Like Oreos. You can only get them this time of year.
  7. Try using fallen leaves in one of these ways.
  8. Go to a thrift store to find your Halloween costumes.
  9. Make apple crisp! This recipe is amazing!
  10. Throw a football watching party. To save money, make it a potluck and have everyone bring something.
  11. Make your own fall wreath.
  12. Make a pot of chili.
  13. Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or apple cider.
  14. Make a Frugal Fall bracelet.
  15. Go through a corn maze.
  16. Take your own fall pictures.
  17. Rake up the leaves into big piles, then jump in them!
  18. Make a scarf out of an old sweater.
  19. Have a Halloween (or Fall) movie night at home.
  20. Bake pumpkin cookies.
  21. Visit your local library and check out some fall themed books.
  22. Check the kids’ school calendars to see what free family-friendly events are coming up.
  23. Attend a high school football game.
  24. Volunteer.
  25. Go geocaching
  26. Take a scenic drive around your city.
  27. Visit your local farmer’s market.
  28. Try a new soup recipe.
  29. Host a fall brunch, pot-luck style.
  30. Light fall candles around the house.
  31. Decorate your home with a few Fall decor items from the dollar store.
  32. Help a neighbor rake their leaves.
  33. Make a batch of these Fall M&M Monster Cookies.
  34. Create your own haunted house.
  35. Make your own Halloween costumes.
  36. Check your city’s website, you will find a ton of free events and activities happening around you.
  37. Knit a fall scarf.
  38. Write little happy fall notes to your friends.
  39. Decorate your porch with fall foliage from the neighborhood.
  40. Toast pumpkin seeds.
  41. Have a fall canning party.
  42. Go on a hayride at a local farm.
  43. Eat dinner by candle light.
  44. Have a nap!
  45. Make Pumpkin Butter

28+ School Backpacks for $50 or Less!

Find the best School Backpacks for less. This selection will take the stress out of shopping while saving money too.

the best school backpacks

The best school backpacks

Can you believe it? Back to school is just around the corner. Save money on back to school shopping by purchasing your school backpacks at a price that feels right.

It can be overwhelming in-store so shopping online is a great option.

Browse this list and save time while getting the best deals. No need to spend a ton of time or money when the deal hunting has been done for you!

This list truly has something for everyone to start the school year off right. There are even some backpacks listed that include lunch kits and more. Go ahead and start shopping today for the best selection.

From solid color options to school backpacks with patterns, the options are endless for the school year. This list has it all.

(Note: The links in this post may be affiliate links. Read the disclosure policy here.)

1. Ripzone Kids’ Edison 20L Backpack $44.99

This Ripzone backpack is a sturdy, highly rated backpack that is perfect for higher elementary grades.

2. adidas Adicolor Backpack $44.99

This classic Adidas backpack has great reviews and seems suitable for kids that are in the earlier elementary grades.

3. Ripzone Kids’ Recess 15L Backpack $34.99

Another Ripzone backpack with great reviews! This one is smaller than the first one listed above so is probably suitable for younger kids. Here it is in another colour.

4. Ripzone Kids’ Newton 15L Backpack $34.99

This Ripzone backpack is the same size as the one listed above. It’s just slightly different in its shape.

5. Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack $37.97

This Under Armour backpack is generously sized with all the pockets one could need. Perfect for the school athlete.

6. Puma Challenger Backpack $39.99

This Puma one is from Costco Canada. It looks great for high schoolers and has a lot of pockets!

7. Kids Recycled Backpack $37

I realize that this one is more than $50, however, it’s from Gap Canada and they always seem to have some sales or coupon codes happening. So be sure to check Gap often to snag it on sale!

8. Minecraft™ Canvas Backpack for Kids $39.99

Perfect for the kid that loves Minecraft! This Old Navy backpack is sure to be a hit with early elementary aged kids.

9. Hilroy Animal Print Kids’ Multi-Pocket Backpack $17.99

Great price for a highly rated backpack! This crocodile print backpack is perfect for daycare or preschool.

10. Outbound Kids’ Multi-Pocket Backpack $19.99

This Outbound backpack has a deeper pocket for a water bottle and would be great for elementary aged kids.

11. Skip Hop Zoo Big Kid Backpack $36

Oh man these are cute and perfect for younger kids! This is a bigger version of the classic Skip Hop backpack that I’m sure you have seen.

12. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack $30

Here’s the smaller classic version of the Skip Hop backpack. Perfect for daycare or preschool.

13. Patterned Backpacks from The Children’s Place $49.95 or less

The Children’s Place has a great selection of backpacks! You’ll see Spiderman, Minecraft, princess, leopard and more! They are currently on sale too!

14. Roots Recycled Backpack $32.98

This Roots backpack has the perfect amount of pockets for younger elementary aged kids.

15. SoYoung Neo Rainbows Backpack $48.98

This SoYoung backpack is a cheerful backpack in two different sizes. Like all backpacks I find, this one is machine washable.

16. Jansport Crosstown Backpack $49.98

This Jansport backpack is perfect for the kid that just wants a plain black, functional backpack.

17. Impact 3-Piece Backpack Set $19.98

You can’t beat the price on this one! This is a backpack set that includes a lunch kit and a pencil case.

18. Dickies Varsity Backpack $24.97

This Dickies backpack is everything you need in a backpack. Has a front zipper pocket, side mesh water bottle pocket and interior padded laptop sleeve.

19. All Canadian Backpack $29.97

Another black backpack with lots of pockets, perfect for carrying everything that’s needed at school!

20. Reebok Backpack $34.97

This Reebok backpack has storage for a laptop, sunglasses, water bottles and so much more!

21. Jetstream Marble Print Backpack $29.97

So much storage! This Jetstream backpack has pockets everywhere. Includes my favorite water bottle holders and more.

22. Dog Paw Prints Backpack $44.64

Perfect for the child who loves dogs! This Paw Prints backpack is another with lots of pockets.

23. Foldable Backpack $39.99

So this backpack is different than the others because it has a separate section on the bottom for shoes and a pocket on the front for holding wet items.

24. Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack $44.99

This one looks like a really durable backpack perfect for preschool or kindergarten. Lots of different patterns to choose from!

25. Casual Style Lightweight Bag $41.99

This backpack comes with a lunch kit and a pencil case! There are a ton of different designs to choose from too. Perfect for the high schooler.

26. Water Resistant Backpack $46.99

Sometimes, a solid colour backpack is just the thing that kids want. This water resistant backpack with high ratings is perfect for teens.

27. Jansport SuperBreak Backpack $49.98

This Jansport SuperBreak backpack is another solid colour option. Great for teens.

28. Pastel Ombre Backpack $29.98

This pretty Ombre school backpack is a great price and perfect for elementary aged kids.

There you have it! A great selection of school backpacks found in Canada for under $50! Which ones do you think your kids will like the most?

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A Day in the Life of a Frugal Person: Daily Tasks That Save Them BIG

a day in the life of a frugal person

A Day in the Life of a Frugal Person

Living the life of a frugal person means living below your means from dawn to dusk. There are many things frugal people do throughout the day that help them save money and help them store funds away for the future. But what are those things exactly? Come on a journey and take a look at a day in the life of a frugal person. These are some of the daily tasks that save them BIG. By knowing more about this day to day living, you too can try implementing these tasks and seeing what a difference they can make for you.



1. Make homemade coffee.

Our frugal person doesn’t spring for a $5 specialty coffee. Instead she makes her own at home and saves big. She uses her favorite reusable mug that can be used time and time again.

2. Looks at the Meal Plan.

This frugal person creates a menu plan every week with $5 Meal Plan. So every morning she double checks the plan to see what she might have to pull out of the freezer or pick up at the grocery store in order to stay on track. Her menu plan saves her hundreds of dollars each month and keeps her sane at the dinner time hour.

3. Check the Gas Buddy app.

Before filling up and running and errands, our frugal person checks the free Gas Buddy app to see what gas prices are and where to fill up for less. When she finds a great deal, she fills up at that price.

4. Turn on the slow cooker.

There won’t be any take out traps for this frugal person tonight thanks to her menu plan. Instead, she tosses some chicken, fresh vegetables, and broth into the slow cooker for dinner. She uses canned broth from the stockpile, veggies from the garden, and chicken she bought on sale.

5. Scour the sales.

a day in the life of a frugal person

Our frugal person checks the weekly grocery store flyers to see what’s on sale that week. She then matches the sale prices with the coupons she has on hand. This helps her to make her shopping list for the week while keeping her budget in check. She loves the Budget Planner for keeping track of her budget categories and her savings goals.


6. Enjoys a homemade lunch.

Whether at work or on the go, our frugal person enjoys a homemade lunch. Today it’s a taco salad using ground beef leftover from last night’s burgers. She uses a refillable water bottle to save money on unnecessary sugary beverages, which also keeps her waistline trim!

7. Swing into the local thrift store.

Frugal people love thrift stores to look for gently used items at a fraction of the price of new. Today, our frugal person finds some frames that can be spray painted to match her décor as well as a table lamp she can use on her night stand. For about $7 total she walks out of the door happy!

8. Give the house a quick clean.

Our frugal person uses vinegar to keep windows sparkling and baking soda to get sinks and drains clean. She doesn’t spend money on household cleaners and instead uses natural products to get the job done for less. A fresh lemon is just what the faucet needs to shine, and a little lemon peel down the drain can get rid of disposal odors.

9. Snag some free reads.

Our frugal person loves looking on Amazon for free eBook downloads. She also loves swinging into the library to grab free movies, CD’s, magazines, books, and so much more.


10. Dinner is served.

Our frugal person serves her thrifty dinner. She uses cloth napkins instead of buying disposable paper. She serves lemon water and powdered drink mixes which cost less than pop. When done, she will load the dishes into the dishwasher but wait until it is full before running it.

11. Inexpensive entertainment.

The newspaper lists free events in the area and our frugal person loves looking for them. She finds a free outdoor concert that evening as well as an outdoor movie being shown downtown. There are also budget days at the local movie theatre she enjoys, plus local parks which are fun to visit too.

12. Cheap dessert.

Our frugal person gets on the email lists of all her favorite brands. This way, she gets all sorts of coupons sent to her. Tonight she has a B1G1 FREE coupon to her favorite ice cream place. So tonight, she gets to enjoy dessert for less.

13. Lights out!

Now that it is time for bed, our frugal person turns down the thermostat so it won’t work as hard at night while she is sleeping. She takes a warm shower before bed, using a shower timer and a low flow shower head so she doesn’t waste as much water.

Our frugal person is now asleep, and can dream about all of the money she saved that day! Is the frugal life for you? Give a day in the life of a frugal person a try and see how well the day goes for you!

I’d love to know what your life as a frugal person looks like. Let me know in the comments below!

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How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

save money on a tight budget

How to Actually Save Money on a Tight Budget

You’re living on a tight budget. You may have already cut back on your frivolous purchases, but you’d like to save even more money and don’t know where to start. It may take a bit of creativity, but it is possible to find extra savings!

Here are some ideas to help you save money on a tight budget:

Keep your receipts

Most people who feel they are broke and have no way out, actually change their perspective when they find out how much they actually already have and waste. Keeping track of what you spend each month can help you make changes to your spending habits which could account for a large chunk of change in the bank.


Evaluate what really is a necessity in your life. Is cable TV really needed at this time or can you use some creativity to occupy your time otherwise? Maybe you have both a land line and a cell phone and perhaps cancelling one is a possibility. Taking a good look at all your recurring expenditures and really evaluating what is an actual necessity (and getting rid of those things that aren’t) will really help you save money on a tight budget.


save money on a tight budget

In North America, people are continuously living outside of their means. It’s impossible to save money if you’re living a $100,000/year lifestyle on a $35,000/year salary. Prioritize what is important to you at this time and get rid of the rest. You may want to put the kids in piano lessons and guitar lessons, but you can’t afford to do both. Pick one, then move on.

Cut out a convenience item

Start by cutting out one convenience item at a time.  Do you typically buy packaged cookies?  Start baking your own.  Rather than purchasing high priced, chemical laden cleaning products, make your own!  (Check out my own homemade cleaning kit.)  By cutting out one convenience item at a time, you’ll be making little strides towards your savings goal!

Earn more

Of course, earning more money is a great way to add to your savings.  Take on a part time job, ask for a raise, turn a hobby into a side business.  Just make sure you save your extra, don’t spend it!

Sell what you don’t need

You’ve all heard of Kijiji, Craigslist Facebook Buy & Sell Groups and eBay, I’m sure.  I’m also pretty sure you have stuff around your home you don’t need anymore. Sell what you don’t need on one of those previously mentioned sites or have a garage sale, then head to the bank and make a deposit!

Collect change

Make a jar for your spare change then throw it in there.  Empty your pockets and change purses every night into the jar.  Keep going until the jar is full, then pay a visit to the bank to make a deposit. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars each year this way!

Shop wisely

Pay attention to how and why you shop. You may discover that purchasing Christmas presents during the Christmas frenzy is expensive and tough on your budget. Why not start buying presents during after Christmas sales or seasonal clearance sales? You undoubtedly have a list of the same people you have to buy for every year so when you’re out shopping, keep an eye open for any gifts they may enjoy.

printable budget planner

Another thing that can really help when you’re overwhelmed or paralyzed by the thought of budgeting? Create a plan to stay focused! Check out this thoughtfully made BUDGET PLANNER – pages to help you achieve financial goals, track your bills and spending, discover what you did well, what you need to improve on and so much more!

Money may be a little tight, but choosing to do some of these suggestions could help you save thousands. Decide what you can give up to help you save big and reach those financial goals a bit quicker.

What are you willing to do to make a change in your financial situation?  Have you got any other suggestions?

30+ Fun and Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

frugal easter basket ideas

(Note: The links in this post may be affiliate links. Read the disclosure policy here.)

Fun and Frugal Easter Basket Ideas:

It’s time to start thinking about Easter baskets and all the goodies you can fill them up with. Nothing is quite as exciting as watching children open their Easter baskets, but, what if you are on a limited budget this year? The good news is you can still fill those Easter baskets with tons of fun without going overboard on your budget.

Look at these 30 fun and frugal Easter basket ideas so you can fill those Easter baskets without breaking the bank! You will find lots of ideas perfect for making your Easter baskets sweet and special.

The ideas here are all things that I will or would love to gift my kids. Over the years as a mom, I have become increasingly annoyed by all the itty bitty “disposable” toys. So with that in mind, I have rounded up what I believe, to be thoughtful “long term” ideas. I hope you enjoy and find perfect frugal Easter basket ideas!

1. Lip balm or lip gloss.

Lip balm is perfect for both boys and girls. Little ones will love their own lip gloss.

2. Sunglasses or sun hats

Now that spring is here, hats or sunglasses will no doubt get some use.

3. Candy, gum, sweets

You can’t have an Easter basket without some candy and edible treats, right? I was recently told by my dentist that gum with xylitol is great for fighting cavities.

4. Fruit snacks, nuts, dried fruit

For a healthier option, try fruit snacks, nuts, or even dried fruit for a snack.

5. Playing cards or trading cards

Kids love trading cards and playing cards! A set of Uno cards is always a fun idea as well!

6. Toothbrush, kid’s toothpaste

A new battery operated toothbrush is more fun than a regular toothbrush. You can always feel good with gifting that! Pair them with kid friendly toothpaste.

7. Water Wow!

These Melissa & Doug Water Wow books are so much fun for younger kids. Great for road trips and a good quiet activity.

8. Hair ties, headbands, hair accessories

Girls will love having a fresh selection of hair accessories. Choose from a wide variety at your local dollar store.

9. Kid’s gardening supplies like seeds, small pots and gloves

With spring’s arrival this will allow kids to get out and get active in the yard and garden. This seed variety pack looks great!

10. Paint with Diamonds

I am all for a creative activity that will keep kids involved for a long time! These Paint by Diamond kits are sure to be a hit!

11. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

These Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putties are a little pricey, but oh so mesmerizing. Your local toy store might be a good place to look for these as well!

12. Kid themed drinking cups

Find kid themed plates, cups, and dishes. Kids enjoy having their own dishes to snack on!

13. Push Bubble fidget Toy

So fidget toys are a hit with any kid. This one in particular, I think, would be great for counting activities for younger kids.

14. Nail polish, nail files, nail art

This idea is perfect for the little fashionista.

15. Umbrella

My kids love having their very own fun umbrella for rainy spring days.

16. Pens

I find gel pens, or any type of pen is a hit with my kids! Especially fun coloured ones.

17. Kid Fanny Pack

Fanny packs of our youth are coming back in style! Pick up a kid friendly one for all your spring adventures!

18. Puzzles

Puzzles are perfect for keeping kids busy on a rainy spring day.

19. Children’s books

Find some fun children’s books perfect for cuddling up with each night. This is a cute one for babies.

20. Coloring books and activity books

Keep kids busy with an assortment of coloring and activity books and crayons. These Paint by Sticker books are so much fun.

21. Crayons, markers, colored pencils

Let the little artist out of your child with an assortment of crayons and other coloring supplies.

22. Stickers, sticker pads, sticker books

Kids never get tired of stickers. Give them a fun spring selection to get creative with.

23. Journals, notebooks, scratch pads

Journals and notebooks are perfect for kids of any age to sketch their thoughts and doodles on. These Scratch pads look really fun!

24. Pick Up Sticks

A fun classic game of Pick Up Sticks is always a good idea and will last a long time!

25. Playdough, cookie cutters, dough roller

Encourage fine motor skills with an assortment of dough and accessories.

26. Craft kits, mini painting kits, craft supplies

For the budding artist, craft supplies are always fun. I always find fun little craft kits at the dollar store.

27. Writing Tablet

LCD writing tablets have been a favorite in our house for several years now! Ours actually live in the car and get pulled out and played with every time we go somewhere!

28. Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is perfect for staying busy on a spring day!

29. Beach toys, beach buckets, sand castle tools

Summer is just around the corner and kids will no doubt love having beach toys on hand.

30. Push Pop Bubble

These Push Pop Bubbles are so fun! A great quiet sensory toy to bring along anywhere you go! Adults even have fun with these 😉

31. Water bottles

A new water bottle will be going in my kids baskets this year. They are in dire need of new ones!

32. Squishmallows

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a kid that does not love a Squishmallow. They are just so…squishy and soft! I’d link to Amazon, but I find they are cheaper at other stores.

33. Pajamas

Pajamas are always a good idea! I find with the season changes and the growth spurts, my kids are always in need of new pajamas to wear.

34. Bathing Suit

Same reasoning as above, I find that spring is a good time for a bigger bathing suit.

As you can see, these Easter Basket options are fun, affordable and long lasting. Head to your local dollar store or Amazon to see these treats and so many more. These are all frugal Easter basket ideas perfect for filling up your Easter baskets this year!

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I’d love to know, what do you put in your kids’ Easter baskets each year? What are your frugal Easter basket ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheap Family Activities for Family Day

cheap family activities

Cheap Family Activities for Family Day

It’s extremely important for any family to intentionally take the time once in a while to have fun as a family. Life can be very busy so making a conscious effort to slow down together without the demands of other friends/family/work/school can be so beneficial.

Family fun, however, does not have to cost a lot! Sure, there are activities that can cost a lot (and those are fun!), but there are so many fun cheap family activities too.

With Family Day in Canada quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some ideas for cheap family fun!

Cheap Family Activities:

cheap family activities
  • Have a picnic inside
  • Start your garden seeds inside – Use this as an opportunity to teach your children about patience, responsibility and how things grow!
  • Movie night – grab a movie off your shelf that you haven’t watched in a while and make some homemade microwave popcorn!
  • Have a theme night/day – Mexican, Italian, pirate…the list goes on. Plan dinners and activities around your theme!
  • Have a craft night – paint, sew (here are some simple felt sewing ideas), draw…etc!
  • Head to your local library – stock up on reading material or even sit in on story time!
  • Have a game night – pull out those board games and cards!
  • Unplug – Turn off the cell phone, TV, computer and just reconnect with your wonderful family!
  • Go bird watching – see how many different types of birds you can spot. Maybe bring along a bird book from the library.
  • Go ice skating – many ice rinks offer free skating on certain days
  • Build an indoor fort – camp out in it or have a picnic in it!
  • Have another family over for dinner – this is way cheaper then eating out!
  • If it’s a holiday weekend, see if there are any free events taking place.
  • Visit a local ski hill and wander around. Maybe grab an inexpensive treat to enjoy.
  • Go tobogganing.
  • Bake something together.
  • Face painting. Here are some easy face painting designs.
  • Do a scavenger hunt. Either inside or outside would be fun!
  • Redecorate or rearrange a bedroom with things you already own.

I’m sure many of these ideas can be adapted to families or couples, summer or winter!

What other free or cheap family activities can you suggest?

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