McDonald’s Canada: Summer Drink Days are on Now!

Summer Drink Days are back at McDonald’s Canada! This year, you can choose from McDonald’s $1, $2, or new $3 options to keep you cool all summer long. Here are the options to choose from:

  • $1 Beverages to keep you refreshed: From the beach to the bonfire, sip on the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola® served over ice, or stay cool with a small or medium Iced Coffee.
  • $2 Choices to cool you down: Enjoy a small Iced Frappé, a small Real Fruit Smoothie or a small Vanilla Chai Iced Frappé while you’re soaking up the sun.
  • $3 New Options to help you chill out: Keep the good times going all summer long with small Real Fruit Protein Smoothie or a small McCafé® SKOR® Coffee Iced Frappé.

Find all the details here.