cheap family activities

Cheap Family Activities for Family Day

It’s extremely important for any family to intentionally take the time once in a while to have fun as a family. Life can be very busy so making a conscious effort to slow down together without the demands of other friends/family/work/school can be so beneficial.

Family fun, however, does not have to cost a lot! Sure, there are activities that can cost a lot (and those are fun!), but there are so many fun cheap family activities too.

With Family Day in Canada quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some ideas for cheap family fun!

Cheap Family Activities:

cheap family activities
  • Have a picnic inside
  • Start your garden seeds inside – Use this as an opportunity to teach your children about patience, responsibility and how things grow!
  • Movie night – Pick a movie that you haven’t watched in a while and make some homemade microwave popcorn! We’ve been having fun watching some of the movies my husband and I watched when we were kids.
  • Have a theme night/day – Mexican, Italian, pirate…the list goes on. Plan dinners and activities around your theme!
  • Have a craft night – paint, sew, make bracelets, draw…etc!
  • Head to your local library – stock up on reading material or even sit in on story time!
  • Have a game night – pull out those board games and cards!
  • Unplug – Turn off the cell phone, TV, computer and just reconnect with your wonderful family!
  • Shop at a thrift store together.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Build stuff with Lego.
  • Make everyone a nice warm drink, then read together with your own books.
  • Go bird watching – see how many different types of birds you can spot. Maybe bring along a bird book from the library.
  • Go ice skating – many ice rinks offer free skating on certain days
  • Build an indoor fort – camp out in it or have a picnic in it!
  • Have another family over for dinner – this is way cheaper then eating out!
  • If it’s a holiday weekend, see if there are any free events taking place.
  • Visit a local ski hill and wander around. Maybe grab an inexpensive treat to enjoy.
  • Go tobogganing.
  • Go snowshoeing.
  • Bake something together.
  • Write a simple story together.
  • Face painting. Here are some easy face painting designs.
  • Do a scavenger hunt. Either inside or outside would be fun!
  • Redecorate or rearrange a bedroom with things you already own.
  • Play video games together.
  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood.

What other free or cheap family activities can you suggest?

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