Coupon stacking in Canada

Coupon Stacking in Canada

Coupon stacking in Canada is a very popular topic when it comes to coupon use!

Unfortunately, traditional coupon stacking is no longer available in Canada. 🙁

Since I’ve been out of the coupon game for quite some time, I’m not sure when London Drugs and Save-On Foods stopped allowing coupon stacking.

But don’t let this discourage you from using coupons!

There are still a couple of legitimate methods that will allow you to “stack” coupons or deals.

Method #1

First of all, since the introduction of cash back apps, it may be possible to use a coupon at the store, then redeem a cash back offer from an app at home. For example, say you have a coupon for Melitta Coffee Pods. Use that at the store, then redeem the cash back offer for $2.00 found in the Caddle app.

One thing to watch for is  wording like this: Cannot use this offer with any other print or in-app coupon or rebate. This literally means what it says. You can’t use a coupon AND redeem the cash back offer for the same product. This wording is found in Checkout 51 most often.

Cash-Back Apps that I love:

Method #2

Secondly, this is very loose “stacking”, but it’s still a great way to use coupons and save money for future purchases.

I love the PC Optimum program. By scanning my card, I’m able to collect points with the personal offers they have for me each week as well as the bonus points that can be found in the flyers.

So with one grocery shopping trip, I can redeem coupons and collect points that I can use as a cash discount another time! Sometimes, you may have a coupon and be able to collect points on the same product!

Do you use cash back apps or the PC Optimum program? What are some of the great deals that you have gotten by using these methods?

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