Declutterathon Day 15: Refill and Purge Those Spices

I don’t know what it is, but I often have quite a few empty spice jars in the cupboard. (Actually, it’s called laziness 🙂 ) It’s mostly a simple task refilling the spice jars, but it’s one of my most dreaded things to do. It ranks up there with putting the clean laundry and dishes away.

As I like to do with these Declutterathon posts, I like to provide as much useful information as I can. (Also keep in mind that these activities are just suggestions, but the intent is to help you rid your home of a lot of clutter by the end of January.)  Since today’s activity in my home is refilling the spices I’ve got some links to spice organization ideas and tips regarding the shelf life of spices!

I want to know, how old is your oldest spice that you found lurking in the back? 🙂

Download and print the Declutterathon Calendar here.

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