The Summer Bucket of FUN! ebook includes over 20 kids activities with thorough instructions, printables and a supply list so you can easily eliminate summertime boredom. So much fun in one bucket!

Does it seem like the excitement of summer vacation wears off and boredom sets in quite quickly? Then The Summer Bucket of FUN is especially for parents and kids! Say goodbye to the “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do!” sayings once and for all. Spend half an hour or so gathering supplies for your summer bucket of FUN, that are easily available at your local dollar store, and you’ll be ready to go with 20+ kids activities at a moment’s notice. Here are the kids activities that are included in the ebook:

  1. My Summer Adventures book
  2. Spray Chalk painting
  3. Handprint Octopus
  4. Flip Flop Footprint picture
  5. Bird Feeders
  6. Shower curtain drawing
  7. Rock candy experiment
  8. Ice cream in a Bag
  9. Marshmallow and toothpick building
  10. Nature scavenger hunt
  11. Make a bouncy ball
  12. Go to the library
  13. Paint rocks
  14. Movie night/day
  15. Ice block treasure hunt
  16. Fishing game
  17. Blow bubbles
  18. Chalk drawing
  19. Magazine art
  20. Melted crayon art
  21. Fly swatter art
  22. Decoupage vase
  23. Popsicle stick basket

This handy downloadable ebook features an activity list, supply list and instructions for all activities so you can easily get your bucket ready to go for some fun!

Appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Adult supervision is required for some activities.