If you’re currently feeling like the frugal lifestyle is just not fun at the moment, I’d encourage you to head over to MrsJanuary.com to read the article I wrote called How to Fight Frugal Fatigue!  Here’s an excerpt:

I’m sure we all experience frugal fatigue at one time or another. You know, the times when we just don’t want to be frugal anymore?!  We get tired of making food from scratch every day and would rather just buy it premade. Or we just really want to blow $100 on that pair of jeans we’ve been eyeing – even though there’s not enough in the clothing budget.

If this is you right now, and you’re feeling tired of frugality, here are some ideas to help re-inspire your desire to be frugal:  read the rest here.

What are some of the ways that you fight frugal fatigue ?