I had the TV on on Sunday, (often when I have it on, it’s only for the noise! :)) and Global’s 16:9 TV show came on.  Half of the episode was dedicated to a thing called Freeganism.  Have you heard of it before?

Here’s a good definition from the 16:9 website:

What exactly is freeganism? 16:9 asked Michelle Coyne, a York University graduate student who is writing her PhD thesis on the subject, to explain. “It’s people who have chosen to opt out of a consumer lifestyle as much as possible, “she said, “choosing not to purchase but rather to make use of the excessive amount of waste that is produced by our society.”

I thought that some of you might be interested to see the documentary and read the 16:9 article, so I found it online!  Click here to watch the Freeganism documentary.

What do you think of the movement?  Remember to keep your comments helpful and considerate 🙂

Photo from here.