frugal easter basket ideas

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Fun and Frugal Easter Basket Ideas:

It’s time to start thinking about Easter baskets and all the goodies you can fill them up with. Nothing is quite as exciting as watching children open their Easter baskets, but, what if you are on a limited budget this year? The good news is you can still fill those Easter baskets with tons of fun without going overboard on your budget.

Look at these 30 fun and frugal Easter basket ideas so you can fill those Easter baskets without breaking the bank! You will find lots of ideas perfect for making your Easter baskets sweet and special.

The ideas here are all things that I will or would love to gift my kids. Over the years as a mom, I have become increasingly annoyed by all the itty bitty “disposable” toys. So with that in mind, I have rounded up what I believe, to be thoughtful “long term” ideas. I hope you enjoy and find perfect frugal Easter basket ideas!

1. Lip balm or lip gloss.

Lip balm is perfect for both boys and girls. Little ones will love their own lip gloss.

2. Sunglasses or sun hats

Now that spring is here, hats or sunglasses will no doubt get some use.

3. Candy, gum, sweets

You can’t have an Easter basket without some candy and edible treats, right? I was recently told by my dentist that gum with xylitol is great for fighting cavities.

4. Fruit snacks, nuts, dried fruit

For a healthier option, try fruit snacks, nuts, or even dried fruit for a snack.

5. Playing cards or trading cards

Kids love trading cards and playing cards! A set of Uno cards is always a fun idea as well!

6. Toothbrush, kid’s toothpaste

A new battery operated toothbrush is more fun than a regular toothbrush. You can always feel good with gifting that! Pair it with kid friendly toothpaste.

7. Water Wow!

These Melissa & Doug Water Wow books are so much fun for younger kids. Great for road trips and a good quiet activity.

8. Hair ties, headbands, hair accessories

Girls will love having a fresh selection of hair accessories. Choose from a wide variety at your local dollar store.

9. Kid’s gardening supplies like seeds, small pots and gloves

With spring’s arrival this will allow kids to get out and get active in the yard and garden. This seed variety pack looks great!

10. Paint with Diamonds

I am all for a creative activity that will keep kids involved for a long time! These Paint by Diamond kits are sure to be a hit! I really like these Diamond Painting stickers. They’re a smaller project to complete.

11. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

These Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putties are a little pricey, but oh so mesmerizing. Your local toy store might be a good place to look for these as well!

fun and frugal easter basket ideas

12. Kid themed drinking cups

Find kid themed plates, cups, and dishes. Kids enjoy having their own dishes to snack on! These construction themed plates are so cool!

13. Push Bubble fidget Toy

So fidget toys are a hit with any kid. This one in particular, I think, would be great for counting activities for younger kids.

14. Nail polish, nail files, nail art

This idea is perfect for the little fashionista. These nail stickers are cute!

15. Umbrella

My kids love having their very own fun umbrella for rainy spring days.

16. Pens

I find gel pens, or any type of pen is a hit with my kids! Especially fun coloured ones.

17. Kid Fanny Pack

Fanny packs of our youth are coming back in style! Pick up a kid friendly one for all your spring adventures!

18. Puzzles

Puzzles are perfect for keeping kids busy on a rainy spring day.

19. Children’s books

Find some fun children’s books perfect for cuddling up with each night. This is a cute one for babies.

20. Coloring books and activity books

Keep kids busy with an assortment of coloring and activity books and crayons. These Paint by Sticker books are so much fun.

21. Crayons, markers, colored pencils

Let the little artist out of your child with an assortment of crayons and other coloring supplies. Invisible ink pens like these are so fun.

22. Stickers, sticker pads, sticker books

Kids never get tired of stickers. Give them a fun spring selection to get creative with.

23. Journals, notebooks, scratch pads

Journals and notebooks are perfect for kids of any age to sketch their thoughts and doodles on. These Scratch pads look really fun!

24. Pick Up Sticks

A fun classic game of Pick Up Sticks is always a good idea and will last a long time!

25. Playdough, cookie cutters, dough roller

Encourage fine motor skills with an assortment of dough and accessories.

26. Craft kits, mini painting kits, craft supplies

For the budding artist, craft supplies are always fun. I always find fun little craft kits at the dollar store.

27. Writing Tablet

LCD writing tablets have been a favorite in our house for several years now! Ours actually live in the car and get pulled out and played with every time we go somewhere!

28. Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is perfect for staying busy on a spring day!

29. Beach toys, beach buckets, sand castle tools

Summer is just around the corner and kids will no doubt love having beach toys on hand.

30. Push Pop Bubble

These Push Pop Bubbles are so fun! A great quiet sensory toy to bring along anywhere you go! Adults even have fun with these 😉

31. Water bottles

A new water bottle will be going in my kids baskets this year. They are in dire need of new ones!

32. Squishmallows

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a kid that does not love a Squishmallow. They are just so…squishy and soft! I’d link to Amazon, but I find they are cheaper at other stores. I’m sure any stuffed animal would be a hit!

33. Pajamas

Pajamas are always a good idea! I find with the season changes and the growth spurts, my kids are always in need of new pajamas to wear.

34. Bathing Suit

Same reasoning as above, I find that spring is a good time for a bigger bathing suit.

As you can see, these Easter Basket options are fun, affordable and long lasting. Head to your local dollar store or Amazon to see these treats and so many more. These are all frugal Easter basket ideas perfect for filling up your Easter baskets this year!

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I’d love to know, what do you put in your kids’ Easter baskets each year? What are your frugal Easter basket ideas? Let me know in the comments below.