The following is a frugal tip from Julie and what works for her family, maybe you’ll be inspired:

I always thought that bread took all day to make so I never really bothered trying to make any until my mom told me that it only takes 15 minutes to make… it’s true. Sure, you have to hang around the house while the dough rises, but weren’t you gonna binge watch that new season of Arrested Development anyways?

All you need to do is mix the ingredients, knead the dough and done… it only takes 15 minutes! Toss everything aside for one hour… Then split the dough, put it in pans and set aside for another 30-45 minutes (okay add another 3 minutes of prep work!). Then turn on your oven and bake the bread for half an hour and voila! Yummy fresh homemade bread!

I did the math and with a 10 kg bag of flour ($7.50 at Costco), I can make 20 loaves of bread. If you add all the other costs (yeast, sugar, salt, shortening), it comes to about 0.50/loaf. Way cheaper than store-bought…

And as far as people saying that homemade bread is bad for you, health-wise… I calculated that if I make 2 loaves and cut them to about 25-28 slices, I get about 100-110 calories per slice. Similar to store-bought… The trick is to cut in advance so you don’t go overboard and cut Texas-toast slices.

You don’t need an $80 bread maker, and you don’t need to be a stay-at-home mom (I’m an accountant, my husband is an engineer and we have 2 toddlers)… all you need is 15 minutes of prep work an afternoon at home.