Sara emailed me her frugal tips!

Tip 1 – Cut open packages to get all the product out

When you think  the tube of toothpaste is done, you’ll find that if you cut it open, there is still more product left inside.

It will dry out if left out in the open, so just keep it in any container with a lid.

I keep an exacto knife in the bathroom (to cut open bottles of conditioner, shampoo, tubes of makeup & lip gloss, etc.). There is typically a lot!!! of product left inside bottles and tubes.

I also keep a small spatula and plastic bowl to get every last bit out.

Note – spatula, exacto, bowls, all can be gotten from the dollar-store, so you can have multiples around the house, where you are likely to need them (kitchen, each bathroom, garage, etc.)

Tip 2 – Dry out soap to make it last longer

I also have a tip for making soap last longer. I LOVE Dove Soap – love it! I can be pricey, so I wait for the best possible deal, and I stock up like crazy!!!

So then I have a TON of soap. What I do is take ALL the soap out of the packages, and place multiples in clothing drawers, linen closets, an in all the bedrooms.

This lends a great smell to each drawer and cupboard, and allows the soap to dry out a bit, so that it doesn’t fall apart too fast once you start using it.

And when it gets down to just an itty-bitty soap, I save it and use it in the shower along with other soap bits in, in a soap “pouch”.

Tip 3 – Shop at Bulk Barn only when there is a coupon and ALWAYS with a small scale

The coupon is typically for $3 off a $10 purchase. So I bring a scale, I only buy items that I want that are already on sale (best value), and I buy PRECISELY $10 worth (hence the scale), so I maximize the value I get.

Tip 4 – Sell your clothes on Craigslist

Sell your kid’s clothes (outgrown) or your own (you’re bored with) on Craigslist. To ensure lost of views and offers, make sure you include pictures. If you have a lot, then add one picture on the craigslist add, but refer people to a blog, where you can show ALL the pictures.

Thanks Sara!

Have you got a frugal tip to share?  Email it to me here. 🙂

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