get organized in january

I’m back with the first update on my organization progress!  I managed to get everything finished that I set out to do this week.

I started out with purging my books and magazines:

books purge

These are the books that will be leaving our house.  Nearly a whole box!  I cut my ties with some books that haven’t been touched in years or ever.

magazines purge

And the magazines that have left.  Not too many!  I seem to be getting better at not accumulating magazines.


Here’s the box that any magazines will go into.  Every time it’s full, I’ve decided to purge some magazines to make room for any new ones that may land in my hands, rather then finding another box to fill.

The toys this year were a bit tricky.  Sienna  doesn’t have what I would call a lot of toys, but they still take up a corner of our living room and a couple of baskets.  I’ve been putting things away in storage as she out grows them.  I just can’t part with them for good in case a #2 comes along or we have little visitors!


toy basket

This basket sits on our bookshelf where our CD player used to live (sold it!).

little toys

Her little figurine/toy phones/etc. live in this  box which has a spot in our TV stand.

Coupons.  I actually started this on December 30 because I wanted to use any full value coupons I had left!  I cut and sorted the coupons into my binder system.

Guess what?  Since I organized my coupons, that means you can expect to see a coupon giveaway on Monday with all of the coupons pictured below! (and more!)

coupon giveaway

How did your organizing projects go?

Up next during my January Organization endeavor:

  • Put away and purge Christmas decorations
  • Purge the storage closet in Sienna’s room
  • Linen closet/bathroom cupboards

I’ll have another update for you next Saturday, January 11, 2014.