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Are you wanting to try container gardening this year? Apparently, these fabric grow bags are supposed to be great for growing healthy plants! Get a set of 3, 7 gallon Grow Bags for $16.09 from Amazon.ca! (reg. $22.99). Be sure to use the coupon code B8GCZFT6 at the checkout to get the deal. Here are some details:

  • High quality non-woven fabric can not only ensure the air circulation, let the roots get more oxygen to breathe freely, but also ensure that excess water can be quickly discharged, avoiding bacterial reproduction and root rot caused by excessive watering.
  • First, with the Flap Velcro Window, you can observe the growth of roots, quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and harvest them directly. Second, reinforced on the left and right sides of the bag for easy movement. Durable planting bag with superb process in sewing. Look forward to your harvest.
  • Compared with other cheap PE Grow Bags, our growing bags are Biodegradable & Environment-friendly without any harm to the vegetable fruit and environment. When a kind vegetable finished, you can repeat planting another vegetable. Plant Grow Bag can be easily used for several seasons and not take up much space when storing.
  • When crops finished, split the bag open and recycle the soil or compost. Clean the grow bag for next planting. Suitable planting temperature 20℃ (68℉)-22℃ (72℉), below 2℃ (36℉) or above 40℃ (104℉) can not be planted.
  • Perfect for patios, balconies, sun rooms, small gardens and any indoor/outdoor space. Grow bags can be used to potato, onions, taro, carrots, garlic, radish, nursery, garden flower, some organic and other vegetables. 

Shop online at Amazon.ca here.