If you have children, or just want to live a more natural lifestyle, you may not be interested in using chemical filled pest repellents. Instead, why not give herbs a try? Herbs pack some serious pest repelling power and can do the job without the risk of chemicals. Take a look below at how to get started using your own herbs to keep those pests at bay.

Herbs to Use for Pest Repellent:

Have you got some pesky pests you're dealing with in your yard? Here are 5 Herbs to use for pest repellent!

1. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm smells great and it is perfect for keeping bugs at bay. Plant it around your patio or keep a pot of it on your picnic table. Mosquitoes will stay clear of it and you will be protected. You can also rub the lemon balm directly onto your wrists for extra protection.

2. Basil

Flies hate basil! Plant a little basil in your flowerpots that decorate your patio or other social areas of your yard. This way, the flies will go elsewhere and let you entertain in peace.

3. Chives

Chives are not only tasty, but they repel a great deal of pests as well. Japanese beetles and aphids won’t come near them, so plant a plug or two of chives near the flowers you wish to protect from these pests.

4. Fennel

Fennel is tasty in your salads, but slugs and snails hate it. Plant a little fennel around blooms that these critters would otherwise devour. They won’t come near. It seems as though few plants repel slugs and snails, so this is one to try if these critters pose a problem in your yard.

5. Dill

You might plant some dill for your pickling needs, but it is great for pests too. Aphids and spider mites don’t stand a chance when dill is around. Tuck a plant or two in your potted plants and flower beds and never worry about them wreaking havoc on your yard.

Stop losing the battle with pests in your yard. Give these plants a try and enjoy a pest free yard the natural way!