Easter is rapidly approaching, which means you have to put together an awesome Easter basket. On a budget? No worries because the Dollar Store is an awesome place to put together an epic Easter Basket. Here’s how to do it.

How to Create an Epic Easter Basket from the Dollar Store

#1. Find a “basket”

The cool thing about the dollar store is that they have all sorts of bins, baskets, and totes for $1. You don’t have to settle for a basket, you can pick anything! This step in itself can make the Easter basket epic.

#2. Pick a color theme your kids will love

One thing you can do to create an epic Easter basket for your kids from the Dollar Store is to pick a color theme they’ll love. The dollar store has so many different options that finding items with their favorite colors will be easy.

#3. Grab a few toys for the epic Easter basket

The dollar store is lined up with a full aisle of toys to choose from. Not to mention, they probably have an extra aisle full of toys just for Easter. You can pick out some fun toys like little army guys, a mermaid, or a bow and arrow set. If those don’t work, go the more creative route with stickers, bubbles, and play dough.

#4. Add a few extra “special” things

As you comb through the dollar store, just remember that you get to be creative. If you see something your child will like, throw it in the basket. Setting a budget for yourself is definitely a good idea too. For example, $10 for each child, this helps put a limit on what you put in the Easter basket. Everyone knows that shopping at the dollar store can get out of hand quickly. 😉

#5. Get a little creative

Do you know what your little ones will love most about their Easter basket? Is that the basket is creative and not just something that was bought already put together. They’re going to notice the cute little stuffed bunny you picked up. They are going to notice the gum that has five packs in it.

#6. Make it look pretty

Head down the birthday aisle and pick out some fun things to put in that Easter basket to make it pretty. Bows are plentiful in that aisle! You can pick up wrapping paper to wrap a few of the gifts. Making it pretty will make it epic, without a doubt.

How do you plan on creating an epic Easter basket this year? Let me know your ideas in the comments below.

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