Do you love to craft and get creative? Then chances are you have a whole craft room worth of supplies. And even if you do have a whole room dedicated to these supplies, you might be wondering how you can add to that craft stash for less. Take a look below at how to find deals on craft supplies so you can continue to let your creativity flourish. 😉

How to Find Deals on Craft Supplies

Take a look at these tips on how to find the best deals on craft supplies so you can continue to let your creativity flourish.

1. Download store apps/look for coupons.

Did you know Michael’s Craft stores have a free app that gives you easy access to coupons and savings? Their coupons can also be found on their website or in their weekly flyer.

2. Check out Kijiji/Craigslist/Facebook.

I’ve seen many craft supplies for sale on second hand sites like Kijiji, Craigslist and even Facebook buy & sell groups. In fact, I just sold some old sewing patterns and fabric the other day so I know others are looking and selling!

3. Know where the clearance aisle is.

Most craft stores have a whole aisle dedicated to clearance items. Ask an employee where you can find these deals if you aren’t sure where they are. Chances are, you can find some items at deep, deep discounts! Especially after a holiday is over, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

4. Browse Amazon.

Amazon has TONS of crafting supply items at excellent prices. Find yarn, fabric, embellishments, soap supplies, candle supplies, and so much more. The market is vast and you can search for prices that fit your budget. Plus, your purchase might qualify for free shipping!

5. Check out Etsy.

Etsy is a crafter’s paradise! Many sellers offer crafting supplies both new or leftover from their own projects for a great price. Like Amazon, you can browse by price so you can be sure to find something in your budget.

6. Visit local thrift stores.

I am amazed at how often I find leftover crafting supplies at thrift stores. I also find fabric, yarn, knitting needles, and items I can re-purpose like picture frames and pottery. It is always worth browsing your local thrift shop to see what they might offer. Selections are always changing!

7. Dollar stores.

Dollar stores are still one of the best places to find budget friendly craft supplies! Search for wood craft sticks, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glue sticks, googly eyes, craft foam, stickers, mason jars, and everything in between. Your selection may also include holiday themed items. For just a buck, you can’t beat the price.

If you are itching to get crafty, keep these tips for how to find deals on craft supplies in mind!

Where do you find the deals on craft supplies?