Having a well-stocked pantry can help make or break your grocery budget each month.  The thing is, initially stocking a pantry with all the necessities to create great meals can be quite costly.  It also takes time, unless you want to pay a fortune!

Here are 6 tips you’ll love on how to stock your pantry on a budget.

Having a well-stocked pantry can help make or break your grocery budget each month. Here are 6 fabulous tips to help you stock your pantry on a budget. #pantry #pantrystaples #howto #grocerytips #grocerysavingtips

Watch for Sales

The first way to save big money when it comes to stocking your pantry is to watch for sales on the products you know you will use in a timely matter. Be sure to stock up as much as your budget and storage space will allow!

Buy Ahead

Don’t wait until you run out of an item to buy it.  This is a great way to ensure you’ll be paying top dollar!  By buying ahead, you can purchase the pantry items you need when they’re on sale or on markdown, allowing you to purchase twice (or triple?) the amount than if it weren’t on sale.

Know what your family likes

Don’t stock up on things your family would rather not eat.  Say you come across an amazing deal on kidney beans, but you know most of your family members hate eating them, it’s not worth the cost to stock your pantry with kidney beans that won’t ever be used, even if they were a great price.

Use coupons

There are always plenty of coupons out there that come in handy for stocking up on cereal, canned goods, bread and more.  Bulk Barn also has a great coupon each month if you prefer to purchase some items that way.  Coupons are also great for stocking your “household” pantry.  I’m never without a nice supply of toothpaste, shampoo or razors!

Buy in Bulk

The unit price of rice, beans, or spices often goes down as the package size goes up. So purchasing items in bulk can be a great deal!  I like to buy rice, flour and sugar in big bags because I know we’ll use it up before it goes bad.  This is much cheaper for us then buying  small packages each time we run out.  On the other hand, buying small quantities of spices we don’t use often at the bulk food store, also saves us money.

Also, if you find a great deal on something when you buy it in bulk, but you don’t have the storage space, consider splitting your purchase with friends.

Think outside the “can”

Rather than always buying canned goods, (beans, vegetables), consider purchasing a bag of dried beans or a bag of frozen corn instead.  Often, your money can stretch further if you go this route.

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What tips and suggestions do you have for stocking your pantry on a budget?