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Meal Prep Supplies to Make Summer Meals Easier

Summer is nearly here! Warm weather, plenty of outside time, picnics, swimming, spur of the moment activities… so much fun and delight!

Maybe you’re like me though, and stress a little bit about meal time. Cooking is not my favourite thing, I’d much rather get takeout. However, that is not budget friendly and it gets old, fast.

With longer days and busier schedules, I have found that adding a little organization and preparation can be the key to enjoying delicious meals without sacrificing the budget or precious moments in the sun.

Fortunately, there are plenty of meal prep supplies designed to make summer meal time a breeze. From versatile containers to handy gadgets, these essential tools that I personally own and love, ensure that you can effortlessly whip up nutritious meals while maximizing your time spent enjoying the joys of summer.

Meal Prep Supplies I Love

Printable meal planner

The Meal Planner

The number one thing that helps me the most with meal time, is having a plan. Not a set in stone plan, but at least a list of meal ideas for the week. Knowing this, I created The Meal Planner. It’s a set of printable sheets that enable me to write down meal ideas, grocery lists and my family’s favourite meals. I’m even able to take inventory of what I already have so I’m not wasting grocery budget on things I don’t need. I encourage you to check it out and save some sanity by having a simple plan in place.

Vegetable Chopper

I’m actually quite a minimalist in the kitchen department. I don’t generally like to have a lot of gadgets because I’ve learned that I typically use them a few times and then never again. But! Having a vegetable chopper, is something I recommend! I debated for the longest time on this, but I’m so glad I bought it. I use it the most for chopping potatoes, shredding cheese and dicing vegetables for Greek salad.

Air Fryer

Now, it might be a little bit of a stretch to call an air fryer a meal prep tool, but it is so handy for whipping up fast meals like chicken nuggets and fries! I have used our air fryer for cooking up some chicken to chop up for easy meals though. On busy nights, it has been a life saver! (I bought the one pictured from Costco.)

Produce Savers

Every time I use our produce saver container, I’m amazed at how fast the food inside gets eaten! The grapes, that used to sit in the fridge and get shrively, are now eaten in record time because I have taken them off the stem and washed them in our produce saver container. I bought our container from Superstore, but these produce saver containers look great too! I love ours for all berries most veggies.

Slow Cooker

Because we tend to have slower mornings in the summer, I like to prepare something for the slow cooker in those quieter moments of the day. That way, dinner is ready when we are! I like to do soups, BBQ sauce chicken for sandwiches or naan pizzas, deli roast beef dips and more.

Kitchen Tool Bottle

Alright, this is something I don’t actually own, but could see big benefits when it comes to meal prep. Especially, if you are someone who loves to make your own salad dressings, juice or egg salad sandwiches. What do you think of the Kitchen Tool Bottle?

Investing in or using the meal prep supplies you have, can change the way you approach mealtime during the sunny season. By taking advantage of versatile containers and convenient gadgets, you’ll find yourself spending less time in the kitchen and more time savoring the delightful moments that summer has to offer. So, grab my recommended supplies and get ready to make summer meals a delicious and stress-free experience.