new uses for old things

25 New Uses for Old Things

One aspect of the frugal lifestyle is using things you already have on hand, even if they don’t work perfectly for the task. Rather than running to the store to buy something (and most likely spending a bundle), you could try improvising by using something you already own. It’s amazing how much stuff we already have to work with, once we’re able to train ourselves to stop running to the store for every thing we think we “need”.

In today’s post I hope to help spark creativity and give you new ideas for looking at the things you already own in a new way. With the ultimate goal, of course, making you rethink your normal spending habits.

Is there something you need right now, that you were planning to buy, that you could possibly create a solution for using something you already have?

I rounded up 25 amazing and creative new uses for old things. I am very inspired by these upcycling ideas, and I hope that you will be too!

25 New Uses for Old Things:new uses for old things

  1. CD Case Greenhouse – via Tauni Everett
  2. Upcycled Crib into an Art Table – via a Little Learning for Two
  3. Cheese Grater as an Earring Holder – via Simply Frugal
  4. Empty DVD Case into a Coloring Kit – via No Guilt Mom
  5. Rake Wine Glass Holder – via Homedit
  6. Old Door into Garden Bench – via Dumped and Discovered
  7. Empty Pop Boxes into Can Storage – via Alaska Granny YouTube
  8. Old Door into a Bed Frame – via Handy DIY
  9. Cookie Sheet Magnetic Tray – via Fave Crafts
  10. Wooden Crate as decorative Shelving – via Curbly
  11. Upcycled Sweater Pillow – via Infarrantly Creative
  12. Old Drawers into a Book Shelf – via Amber Oliver
  13. Old Door into a Coat Rack  – via HomeTalk
  14. Old Nightstand into Kids Work Bench – via The Frugal Granny
  15. Milk Jug Watering Can – via Simply Frugal
  16. Upcycled Books into Shelves – via Remodelaholic
  17. Altoids Tin into Pin Cushion – via Felt Magnet
  18. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art – via Pennywise Cook
  19. Shutter Magazine Rack – via My Repurposed Life
  20. Rain Gutter Kids Bookshelves – via Sunshine on the Inside
  21. Plastic Spoon Chrysanthemum Mirror – via Addicted 2 Decorating
  22. Mason Jar Herb Garden – via Camille Styles
  23. Old Chairs into cute Bench – via Instructables
  24. Upcycled Spoon Ring – via Through the Front Door
  25. Upcycled Blue Jean Tote – via La Creative Mama

Have you ever upcycled or re-purposed anything?  What did you make?  Which of these 25 projects inspires you the most?