Cheap Family Fun

cheap family fun Here are some ideas for cheap family fun during our No Spend Challenge!

  • Have a picnic – Either do it inside or outside, depending on the weather!
  • Have another family over for dinner – this is way cheaper then eating out!
  • Start your garden seeds inside – Use this as an opportunity to teach your children about patience, responsibility and how things grow! (or plant them outside when the weather permits!)
  • Movie night – grab a movie off your shelf that you haven’t watched in a while and make some homemade microwave popcorn!
  • Have theme nights – Mexican, Italian, pirate…the list goes on. Plan dinners and activities around your theme!
  • Start a Book Club – Here are some ideas to help you kids start a book club: Start a Book Club!
  • Have a craft night – Paint, Sew (here are some simple felt sewing ideas), draw…etc!
  • Head to your local library – stock up on reading material or even sit in on story time!
  • Have a game night – pull out those board games and cards!
  • Try Stargazing – Maybe this one will have to wait until it warmer? Or bundle up and sit in the car!
  • Unplug – Turn off the cell phone, TV, computer and just reconnect with your wonderful family!
  • Go bird watching – see how many different types of birds you can spot. Maybe bring along a bird book from the library.
  • Go Ice skating – many ice rinks offer free skating on certain days
  • Build an indoor fort – camp out in it or have a picnic in it!
  • Read one of the free e-books you can find on Simply Frugal – or listen to one of the free audio books you can also find on Simply Frugal!

I’m sure many of these ideas can be adapted to families or couples, summer or winter! What other free activities can you suggest?