purchases that save money in the long run

Clever Purchases That Save Money In The Long Run

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Sometimes, the secret to saving money is actually spending a little more money in the first place.

As long as you spend it on the right things, that is.

That might sound illogical, but in reality, it can make a lot of sense when you start thinking about long-term savings.

This is where thoughtful, intentional spending comes in to play.

In this article, I’m not going to be talking about gadgets that you will only use once, like a Cake Pop Maker for example. I am going to list out products that you will use time and time again, allowing you to see financial savings in the long run. Smart purchases that will save money in the long run!

On that note, to help you save cash and satisfy your gadget purchasing desire, I’ve rounded up 22 smart purchases that will end up saving you tons of cash in the long run. The best part? They don’t require you to change any of your everyday habits.

Smart purchases that save money:

Low flow shower head – Why not have a great shower and save water at the same time? A low flow shower head doesn’t cost a lot to replace, but the savings on your water bill will really pay off in the long run!

LED light bulbs – While they cost more upfront, LED lightbulbs are a smart choice in your home. they save money on your energy bill and last way longer than incandescent light bulbs. There are many different options to get just the right color warmth that you like.

Solar powered outdoor lights – Light up your yard to add safety and ambiance by using solar powered outdoor lights. Once purchased, these won’t cost a cent on your energy bill!

Drying rack – Do we always need to use the dryer? You can save a lot of electricity by using a drying rack instead! You will also find your clothes last longer too. If you have yard space outside to have a drying line, this is a fantastic way to dry stuff

Smart thermostat – Monitor your energy usage easily with a smart thermostat in your home! This ecobee model works with Amazon Alexa and will adjust heating/cooling according to your schedule. You can even control it from anywhere using your Android or iOS device. No more heating and cooling an empty house when you’re gone!

Reusable food storage bags – Stop throwing plastic bags (and money) in the trash. These reusable storage bags are easy to clean and ready to use for a long, long time. I especially like that these ones are self-standing…makes it easy to fill!

Brita water jug – Very, very rarely will we buy bottled water. We do, however, use our Brita every single day. We fill up glasses at home or fill our reusable water bottles for adventure days.

purchases that save money in the long run

Reusable water bottle – Speaking of reusable water bottles, never buy bottled water again! If we ever need new ones, I’m really going to consider this one! I like that there are different lid options. With or without a straw.

Air fryer – Hear me out on this one. It might seem like a gadget, but our air fryer has really made my life better. It has made lunch making and heating up leftovers a breeze. Let’s not forget to mention that it saves so much money because I’m not getting takeout as often!

Wool Dryer balls – These don’t seem like anything special, but this is one of those purchases that save money like crazy. They save money on fabric softeners and dryer sheets because they soften naturally. They also lessen the drying time needed so they will save you money on your energy bill.

Rechargeable batteries – If you find yourself going through batteries often, investing in rechargeable batteries is a smart idea!

Roku streaming stick or Fire TV Stick has been a TOTAL game changer for us! We bought one when we decided to eliminate cable tv. It plugs into the back of your tv and has a homepage for all your streaming services. Save a TON of money with the free tv apps it offers.

Hair clipper kit – This one might not be for everyone, but we have saved a lot of money by cutting my husband’s hair at home. I give him a very basic hair cut every 6 weeks or so and he’s always pleased as punch.

Vacuum Sealer – How many times have you thrown away foods that are so badly freezer burned? Well, say goodbye to freezer burnt food by investing in a vacuum sealer. Once you’ve sealed your food, toss it in the freezer and you’ll find it stays fresher for so much longer.

Reusable K Cup Coffee Filter – Those little K-Cups can really add up after awhile! If you own a Keurig machine, think about buying a reusable k-cup coffee filter so you can buy your favourite grounds to use in the filter. You’ll have delicious coffee and save money!

TubShroom – I don’t even remember how I came across this in the first place, but I purchased a TubShroom and LOVE it! It’s been years since we’ve been using one and I will never go back to an ordinary drain protector. It catches so much hair. I’m convinced that this is one of those purchases that save money in the long run.

Makeup remover cloths – I really like those disposable, pre-moistened face towels so I really think these makeup remover cloths would be just as convenient. Plus, they’re reusable of course!

Personal finance books – I’ve got a list of highly rated personal finance books right here. First though, why don’t you see if your library has any copies available?

Memberships – Do you find yourself often visiting the same places and paying the daily rate? It might be time to purchase the membership! Buying a membership to places that you frequent often can save you so much money in the long run. Think swimming pools, science centers, amusement parks and more!

Drain snake – Having a drain snake on hand will without a doubt save you money on expensive drain cleaners that don’t necessarily work. Not to mention, a drain snake could save you having to hire a plumber too!

Bamboo towels – These bamboo towels are such a great idea. Especially if you think it will be hard to get away from using regular paper towels. These bamboo towels are washable and can be used just like how you use regular paper towels.

Fabric Defuzzer – Before you discard of any pilled sweaters or even furniture, try a fabric defuzzer! For less than $15, you can save your favorite things and make them look brand new again with this simple tool!

In conclusion, making smart purchases that prioritize quality and durability is not just a matter of saving money in the short term; it is a strategy for long-term financial well-being. By choosing products that stand the test of time and offer lasting value, you can enjoy the satisfaction of smart purchasing decisions that will contribute to your financial stability. As well as taking steps to be a more intentional consumer.

What are some smart purchases that you would add to the list?

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