how to save on meat purchases

Meat is one of the biggest expenses in the grocery budget. However, there are ways that you can save money on your meat purchases without having to cross it off your list if you make use of the following tips!

How to Save on Meat Purchases:

Buy in Bulk

You can save money on your meat purchases if you buy meat in bulk packages or family size packs. The smaller/single portions are offered at a higher cost per kilogram than the larger portions (or family packages). It is more budget friendly to buy your meat in bulk and then divide it into smaller portions when you get home.

Choose Cheaper Cuts of Meat

Invest in a slow cooker to make less tender cuts of meat tender. Stew beef, rump roasts, and other cuts of meat can be placed in your slow cooker with a can of tomatoes, broth, or any other liquid that you fancy.  Cooking it slow all day will really tenderize the meat and it will be melt in your mouth delicious!

Serve Smaller Portions

Another way to save money on meat purchases is to include less meat in your meals.  By using recipes where meat isn’t the main focus, you’ll be saving a bundle.  Vegetables and grains can be just as delicious without an abundance of meat. A meal of macaroni and cheese, tossed with vegetables and ground meat will feed a family of four for two days. Casseroles, pasta dishes, and even rice dishes can be made in a variety of ways with different types of meat to really make your meat stretch.

Watch for Sales

Keep a close eye on your flyers. Grocery stores rotate their sales and there will be sales on different types of meat every week. One week they might have a special on chicken, and the next week it might be pork loin roasts or even beef.  I always stock up enough to last me to the next sale.

Buying it Whole

Buying the whole animal and dividing it up at home will save you money. Instead of only buying chicken pieces (thighs, breasts), for example, buy the whole chicken, divide it up yourself to freeze, or cook it whole and enjoy leftovers.  Save the bones for soup!

Invest in a Freezer

Investing in a freezer to store meat that you have purchased on sale is a great way to make sure that you have enough on hand when it comes to preparing a meal. Meat can be frozen for six months to a year, if it has been wrapped in the proper freezer bags.

The above tips should help you save on the cost of your meat purchases at the grocery store.

How do you save on meat purchases?