Save money on groceries

Strategies to save money on groceries without using coupons:

I’m a coupon user. I’ve gotten many great deals thanks to my coupon use. But, there are many grocery shopping trips where I don’t use one single coupon and still manage to keep my grocery bill quite low! I also realize there are many people who don’t really care for the time that couponing requires.

Here is how I save money on groceries:

Meal Plan

I credit a big portion of my low grocery bill mostly to the 1/2 hour I spend each weekend planning our dinners. I choose meals based on what I have in the pantry/freezer already and sales the stores are running that particular week. You can take a look at my meal planning method here.


Make a Grocery List

I don’t leave the house without my list! Not only do I find it easier to buy only what I need, it also saves me an extra trip to the store for an ingredient I’ve forgotten.

Shop Only Once a WeekSave money on groceries without coupons

The less you shop, the less you spend. I find this to be so very true for me. I like to go grocery shopping on Mondays, (because that works for me) and only buy what will get us through the week.

If, on occasion, I go to the store a second time for something, I usually end up buying a few things that I don’t need which just boosts my total unnecessarily!

Prepare Easy, Inexpensive Meals

Simple is a favourite word of mine. Simple meals save time and hard earned dollars. Of course there are times when a fancier meal is required for special occasions, but generally I like to make one-dish meals (spaghetti) or prepare an easy meat dish served with vegetables and either rice or potatoes. I even like to go meatless once or twice a week!

Simple meals, simple ingredients. A great way to save money on groceries!

Plan Your Meals Around Store Sales

Is chicken on sale at your local store?  Then plan a few meals using chicken. Check all the flyers for the grocery stores in your city to see which store is offering  the best deals.  Shop at that store.

Buy Store Brand Ingredients

Okay, there are times when I can’t forgo the name brand because it just tastes way better.  But for times when it doesn’t matter, I always get the store brand.  There’s usually quite a substantial price difference!

Use a Grocery Pickup Service

This is one of the newest ways I like to save money on groceries! Not every week, but as often as I can, I like to do an online order through PC Express. This is a great way to avoid impulse buys altogether because I’m not actually going in the store!

I hope some of these tips will inspire and help you to save money on groceries! This is an area of your budget that you can easily change!

How do you save on the cost of groceries? Let us know in the comments below.