Recently, I had the creators of Cardswap contact me to tell me about a fantastic new app they created.  It’s called Vello and it’s really quite a brilliant idea!  From the Vello website:

Vello is a new way to celebrate any occasion—big or small.

Instead of sending a card, you can send a beautiful video greeting filled with real messages from a crowd of well-wishers.

Use the free Vello app to record a personalized greeting and invite others to record greetings, too. Vello stitches everything together and sends the recipient a video card filled with familiar faces, real laughter, and greetings that come from the heart.

If you want to send a gift along with the greeting, Vello makes it easy. Just select an e-gift card from 500+ popular retailers and everyone you invite will be given the option of contributing to the e-gift if they choose.

With Vello, everyone can create and share a meaningful moment—together.

See, neat, right?  Get family and/or friends from all over the country to participate in creating a meaningful video greeting for a loved one!

I wanted to try it out, so I made you this:

 Isn’t my daughter cute? 🙂  Anyways, don’t you want to try it out for yourself? Download the Vello app here! (Only available for iPhones)

Since it wouldn’t be Simply Frugal without some frugal tips, I bring you this video:

Vello Upload from Vello on Vimeo.

Here are some useful links to the tips I mentioned in the video:

Now, it’s your turn.  Download the Vello app and start sending greetings!  I’d love to “meet” you all so I’d be tickled if you would send a greeting my way!  I’m SimplyFrugal on Twitter if you’d like to send it that way or Simply Frugal in Canada on Facebook if it’s possible to send it that way.

As I mentioned before, Vello comes to you from the creators of Cardswap. I wrote about Cardswap in the past and love their service but in short, CardSwap is this: Buy gift cards to all your major retailers and save.  Sell your unwanted gift cards for cash!

I also mentioned in the title of this post that there is also a giveaway.  The creators of Vello and Cardswap want one lucky Simply Frugal reader to win a $50 credit to use online at Cardswap!  Yay!  Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on December 11, 2013 and is only open to Canadian residents. The winner will receive an email from me soon after the giveaway closes. Good luck!

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