gift in a mug

Simple Gift in a Mug Ideas

I had so much fun with these!

If you are in need of a simple, thoughtful gift idea, I present you with… gifts in a mug. 🙂 Once I started creating one gift in a mug, the ideas kept flowing! The options are endless!

These are a perfect gift idea for friends, teachers, your boss, really, anyone!

The idea is simple. Pick a cute mug, then fill it with your recipient’s favorite things.

To help you get your wheels turning, I want to show you three simple ideas that can be done on any budget.

I found my supplies at Walmart, Dollarama, Superstore and my house.

Gift in a Mug #1 – Self Care Mug

This coffee mug gift idea includes a face mask, cozy socks, lip balm, hand cream, and a milk chocolate bar. This would make for a great gift idea for a friend, mother in law or teacher!

Mug – Walmart
Fuzzy socks – Dollarama
Hand cream – Walmart (was in a set of four, perfect for splitting up!)
Lip balm – Yves Rocher
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Face mask – Walmart

Gift in a Mug #2 – Desk Essentials

This coffee mug gift idea is perfect for someone who works in an office or from home. Anyone really! For this gift in a mug, I put in a mini stapler, hand cream, two pens, gum, a chocolate bar, a small notebook and a small day planner. Because the notebook and day planner don’t fit in the mug, I am just going to place them underneath the mug and wrap it all together in some cellophane.

Mug – Superstore
Notebook – Walmart
Day planner – Dollarama
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Gum – Walmart
Stapler – Walmart
Hand cream – Walmart
Pens – Amazon

Gift in a Mug #3 – Birthday essentials

This idea makes me so happy! It would be perfect for a hostess gift or for a holiday party. Swap the Christmasy items for more neutral items and you could have the cutest birthday present for a friend. To this gift in a mug, I added a mug cake package, a fork, a napkin and a couple of candles. Simple and cheap.

Mug – Walmart
Mug Cake – Superstore
Fork – my party stash
Napkin – my party stash
Candles – my party stash

Other gift in a mug ideas I had:

  • Hot chocolate mug: a mug, a packet or two of hot chocolate, a candy cane, a special treat, marshmallows, a chocolate covered stirring spoon.
  • Kids themed: a mug, a Pez candy dispenser, a special pen, a notebook, small kid things from the dollar store.
  • Craft supplies: a mug, fun craft supplies for an adult or a child.
  • Liqueurs in a mug: a couple of those tiny liqueurs that would taste yummy in coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Kitchen Essentials: I have seen mini whisks, tongs and the like at Superstore. These would be cute tucked into a mug with a dish cloth!

The ideas are endless!

I hope my ideas will help you out if you want to try gifting a Gift in a Mug this year!