Simply Frugal Holiday Resources

The holidays are coming!  Simply Frugal has many ways to help you make your holidays way more simple and frugal!

Here on this Simply Frugal Holiday Resources page, you will find all of the best tips for simple and frugal holidays. This is a comprehensive list of money saving articles, deals, homemade gift ideas and even frugal gift guides.

Anything you need for a simple, budget-friendly holiday season – you will find it here! Simply click on the links for what you need.

Christmas Money Saving Tips

We all want to enjoy the holidays, but we also need to save money while doing so, right? Especially this year in these unprecedented times! There are so many different things you can do to make sure you keep your bank account happy. Check out these articles for ideas:

Frugal Gift Guides

How often are you stumped with gift ideas for someone on your list? Let me help and inspire you with these thoughtfully curated, frugal gift guides!

Additional Holiday Resources

Tired of the stress each holiday season brings around? This year, banish your dread and come along for an 8 week series for a more organized Christmas season!
Canadian Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
Canadian Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals will start the third week in November at the link provided on the image above.
Shop at these places if you're looking for a Christmas Gift Card Bonus Offer in Canada!
Shop at these places if you’re looking for a Christmas Gift Card Bonus Offer in Canada!