I was in desperate need of better fitting clothes so I’ve recently bought a bunch of new things. While everything was bought on sale, it was still somewhat of a splurge for me. The sweats just weren’t working for me anymore 😉

Also, since I’m somewhat style challenged, I enjoy looking at things that other people bought to get some ideas for myself so I thought I’d show you my buys!

I actually went a step further than just buying new clothes. I signed up for a Spring Style Challenge from Get Your Pretty On. Guys, it’s really helped me to buy intentionally. Normally when I buy something, I’ll buy it because I like it, but then realize it doesn’t go with anything I already have. This Spring style challenge has helped me to buy a few pieces that work in a number of different outfits when added to things I already own. Score! I’m “splurging” but I’m also saving myself a ton of money because I’m not making useless purchases!

OOOh, the The SAHM Wardrobe Basics Builder by Get Your Pretty On is available in this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! The bundle with 106 resources is only $29.97 and I paid $29 just for that wardrobe builder a month ago! 

Anyways, on with my deals. Here’s what I bought:

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I’d love to know what you’ve bought lately! Let me know!

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