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Are you ready for another round of Splurge vs. Save? Like last time, I’ll feature two similar products but one is the ‘splurge’ version and the other is the ‘save’ version.

If you’re into aromatherapy, you’ll love this week’s feature! As I was googling for this week, I discovered that diffusers can vary greatly in price!

On that note, this week, I’m featuring two ceramic diffusers that look nearly identical but vary in price. Before reading further, can you guess which one is the splurge and which one is the save?

If you guessed that the ‘save’ version is on the left and the ‘splurge’ version is on the right, then you are correct!

Here are the links to shop them both:

Splurge: Vitruvi Ceramic Diffuser $149

Save: Gooamp Ceramic Diffuser $39.99 (currently on sale for $35.99!)

What would you like to see featured in a future post?