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Are you ready for another round of Splurge vs. Save? Like last time, I’ll feature two similar products with good reviews, but one is the ‘splurge’ version and the other is the ‘save’ version.

Let’s get on with it shall we? This week I’m featuring two different Sunrise Alarm Clocks. These alarm clocks are great for heavy sleepers! Or those that are looking for an alarm that is not their phone. So here are two highly rated sunrise alarm clocks available on Amazon.ca. Before reading further, can you guess which one is the splurge and which one is the save?

If you guessed that the ‘save’ version is on the left and the ‘splurge’ version is on the right, then you are correct!

Here are the links to shop them both:

Splurge: Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock $269.99

Save: ecozy Sunrise Alarm Clock $69.99 (currently on sale for $39.79 after sale + clipping the $5 coupon)

What would you like to see featured in a future post?