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A Budget Binder for your financial success

Setting up a Budget Binder in your home is a terrific strategy for staying on top of your finances.  It should not only be a record of what is spent, but it should include your estimations for what will likely be spent in the coming year(s).  This binder or manual should be a go-to for all of your questions regarding what you can afford and how long it will take to reach your financial goals.

Here’s how to create a Budget Binder:

1. Find a binder that works for you. I really like this binder, but any binder will work. I would choose one that has at least a 1″ spine width.

2. You will also want to have some tabbed dividers so that you can separate your budget binder into sections. These Removable Index Tabs are perfect to add to each section. The tabs are writable and repositionable so you can move them around or use the same one if you need to refresh the page.

3. I like to divide my Budget Binder up by months. (One section for each month of the year, January – December) In each section/month, I include a Monthly expense tracker, a Monthly budget and bill tracker, a Monthly debt payoff tracker, a Monthly reflection sheet and Month at a glance calendar sheets. In the back, I have a yearly finance goal worksheet and spending trackers.

These pages can be found in The Budget Planner:

printable budget planner

The Budget Planner

I have created an easy to follow printable budget planner that takes the overwhelm out of budgeting! Use this planner to dream about yearly financial goals, track your bills and spending, discover what you did well, what you need to improve on and so much more! This planner will help keep you focused and ensure nothing is missed.

Get the Budget Planner here!

4. Also in the back, create a section for account information and include names of financial institutions, addresses, contact information, passwords and any other details that would be worth having at a glance.

5. You can also add pouches to hold receipts, a page to record prices on your favorite items, or anything else that might be useful in keeping your family in the black!

how to create a budget binder

There you have it! It’s that easy to set up a budget binder. Do you keep a Budget Binder? What pages do you keep handy in your family budget binder?