Search & Win

Now, when you add our birthday to your Swagbucks account, you’ll get 50 free Swagbucks added to your account on your birthday!  That gives you a nice head start on ordering a free gift card! 

For those of you who don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, you really should!  Swagbucks is a search engine, like Google, but with benefits!  Earn Swagbucks for searching things you would normally search for everyday.  Trade in your Swagbucks for gift cards such as Amazon and Starbucks cards!  You can also redeem your Swagbucks for actual products, but I really enjoy the gift cards!  I don’t remember the last time I paid for a coffee at Starbucks!

A couple  of my favourite ways to rack up my Swagbucks is by using the easily downloadable Toolbar and by referring others who search online!  First of all, the toolbar makes it really hard to forget to use the Swagbucks search engine for any everyday searching.  And quite often I’m rewarded with Swagbucks for simply using the toolbar!

Secondly, I’m sure you all know of people who search online?  Tell them about Swagbucks, send them your referral link, and you’ll not only earn more points when they sign up, you’ll also earn points for the searching they do online!

(Yes, if you click through the links in this post and sign up, I will get a referral credit!  Thank you if you do sign up through my links!)

What are you waiting for?  Start earning free gift cards now!