Frugal Tip – Rearrange your Furniture

This frugal tip is coming at you from a place I’m at currently at in my life. 🙂  I’ve been feeling lately, like we could use some new things for our home.  A new couch, a new rug, furniture that can double for storage…the list goes on and the imaginary costs keep going up.  So, my frugal tip today is:

Rearrange or re-purpose your current furniture.

By simply moving around some furniture in your home, you’ll be amazed at how fresh everything can feel.  It’s as though you purchased new furniture, but in actuality, you didn’t spend a cent!

Have you done this when you’ve felt your home is feeling a bit lackluster?

image: House & Home

Our Baby Room on a Budget

Our gender neutral baby room on a budget.

It’s finally finished!  And I’m anxious to show you the room we created for our baby.  Keep in mind that I like simple and minimal so it may be boring to some of you!  I had a lot of fun doing this because I have a bit of an interior decorating background and hadn’t really done any designing for a long time!   Decorating to me these days, is about creating a comfortable room that is done on the cheap.  That means I DIY’d and repurposed quite a few items to create our baby room on a budget!  Oh, and since we didn’t know the gender of our little one, I tried to make it as neutral as possible.

At the end of the post I’ll have a source list with our approximate costs and links to my crafty projects 🙂

The curtain fabric that inspired the colours in the room:

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  🙂  We obviously decided to forgo a rocking chair due to space restrictions since we have the single bed in there.  We traded our double bed for a single bed my parents had since they couldn’t store all the beds!  I was going to buy one of those thick changing pads to put on top of the dresser, but decided that the bed could work just as well.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Here’s the source list and approximate prices:

  • Crib & Mattress:  IKEA  $290
  • Crib Sheet (3-in-1):  No longer available
  • Wall colour:  Martha Stewart Fossil from Home Depot $29
  • Curtain fabric:  Fabricland  $30 for 5m
  • Crib skirt:  Fabricland  $0  (I found it in my stash)
  • Bedding for single bed:  Zellers $20
  • Dresser:  an antique from my Grandma  $0
  • White lamp:  Walmart  $10
  • “Be Happy” wall clothes hanger $0
  • ABC wall art:  Etsy  $32 (my “splurge”)
  • DIY Hot Air Balloon mobile:  $5
  • DIY Canvas Art projects:  $5

Total approximate cost:  $450

Nursery DIY projects: