Safeway & Sobeys: Save 15% off your Purchase the 1st Tuesday of the Month


For those of you not in the know, the first Tuesday of each month is 15% off day at both Sobeys and Safeway!  Here’s how you can save:

  • Sobeys & Safeway:  Spend $50 or more, save 15%, or earn 20x Base Air Miles reward miles.

So, on the first Tuesday of the month, you may want to head to either Safeway or Sobeys in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba to get your discount if you need some groceries!

Safeway Dinner Deal (Today Only)

Safeway Dinner Deal

Oh dear! Look what the Safeway Twitter page said today!

Unfortunately our Twitter deals program is under review & there are no new offers. Submit feedback via

What do you think? Should they keep doing the weekly deal? Will you be writing in with your feedback?

Safeway Canada Coupon Matchups

Safeway Canada Coupon Matchups


I thought I would update you all on the coupon matchup situation! Since our new baby arrived not too long ago and the matchups are quite time consuming, they will be on a hiatus for the time being. It’s nearly impossible for me to find the time to put them together each week with everything else I’m juggling. 🙁

My apologies to those of you that rely on the coupon matchups each week!

On that note, if any of you happen to have a keen knowledge of current coupons and how to match coupons with sales, I’d love it if you’d consider providing a service to me and your fellow Simply Frugal readers 😀  Contact me here if you’re interested.


Canada Safeway Coupon Policy


Canada Safeway Coupon Policy

Manufacturer and Store Coupons:

1.  We will redeem coupons only for the specific items included in our customer’s purchase transaction. The redemption value will be as stated on the coupon, unless that value yields a final price for such item less than zero; if application of the redemption value yields a price less than zero, the coupon will be redeemed only for the amount that yields a zero price (our customer cannot net a cash credit or payout from a coupon purchase).

2.  Paper coupons must be presented at the time of the purchase transaction. We will accept only coupons issued by Canada Safeway or the manufacturer of the relevant product. We will not accept photocopies of coupons.

3.  Coupons are subject to advertised offer limitations and all other limitations and restrictions on the applicable coupon or product.

4.  Coupons may not be applied against any free item received in any offer.

5.  Coupons have no cash value.

6.  Cash discount coupons applied to the total purchase cannot be combined with any other discount offer, including Customer Appreciation Day & Seniors Day.

7.  Safeway will not accept manufacturer coupons (including, but not limited to, coupons issued through an in-store coupon dispenser) that display another retailer’s logo or name.

8.  We will not accept coupons unless they have an expiration date. Expired coupons will not be accepted.

9.  We will not accept coupons that, in the determination of Safeway personnel, appear distorted or blurry or are altered in any way.

10.  Sales taxes will be applied in accordance with the law of the applicable province, regardless of any coupon or other discount that may apply to the purchase transaction.

11.  All applicable bottle or packaging deposits and enviro levies on the purchased and free items must be paid by the customer.

12.  Safeway reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.

13.  Purchase reward thresholds (if any) will be calculated based upon customer’s final price (after deducting Club Card savings and all other discounts and savings, including manufacturer coupons).

14.  References to a minimum purchase requirement will not include purchases of: prescriptions, diabetes merchandise, insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies, tobacco, transit passes, postage stamps, event tickets, fuel purchases, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, enviro levies, recycling fees, bottle deposits, floral deliveries, custom specialty orders, all gift cards and sales tax.

15.  Manufacturer coupons must clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and must have a Canadian redemption or clearing house address.

Internet Printed Coupons:

16.  We gladly accept internet printed coupons. The same manufacturer and store coupon rules above apply to all internet printed coupons.

17.  Internet printed coupons must have serial numbers and must follow an industry-standard format.

18.  Manufacturer internet printed coupons must clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and must have a Canadian redemption or clearing house address on the printed coupon.

19.  We will not accept “free product” internet printed manufacturer coupons.

Electronic or Mobile Coupons:

20.  We will accept electronic coupons presented on handheld mobile devices or smart phones (iPhones, Blackberries, etc.) issued by Canada Safeway Limited or AIR MILES on behalf of Canada Safeway. No other electronic coupons presented on handheld devices, including manufacturer coupons, are acceptable at Safeway.

21.  All electronic coupons must have a valid PLU number to be accepted. Barcodes are not acceptable and cannot be scanned from a handheld mobile device.

Load to Card Club Coupons:

22.  Internet and digital coupons that have been electronically loaded to a Safeway Club Card are automatically redeemed at the time of purchase after the club card number has been entered. All other coupon policies above apply to electronic coupons that are loaded to a club card.

Doubling of Coupons:

23.  Canada Safeway does not allow doubling of coupons.

Coupon Stacking:

24.  Canada Safeway does not allow a customer to redeem more than one manufacturer coupons against the same item in a single transaction.

25.  Coupon stacking policies for manufacturer coupons apply to paper and electronic coupons that have been loaded to a club card.

26.  If a customer presents two coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Safeway will give the highest discount for that item, subject to the terms of the applicable offer and/or coupon.

July, 2011