When some think of the word frugal, words like restriction and limitation come to mind.  While I do think that frugality is necessary to many families these days, I also believe it to be a choice.  When frugality is a choice it can actually bring true contentment and joy, rather than feelings of restriction and limitation.  But even if frugality is not a choice, I have some reasons for you to think about why you can find happiness in the frugal lifestyle:

Yes, it is possible to find happiness in the frugal lifestyle! I'm loving these reasons for why you will find joy in being frugal.

Delayed gratification is an amazing feeling

Those living the frugal lifestyle usually find joy in setting goals. They’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.  When you’re doing without in certain areas of your life so you can achieve a financial goal you’ve set for yourself, and the day comes when you get to reap your reward, the feeling is so satisfying!  Knowing that you have no debt in the end and that all the hard work you did really paid off, can bring about an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Frugal people don’t focus on what they don’t have

Frugal people don’t tend to spend their time focusing on what they don’t have, but rather on the things they do have.  They don’t worry about having a brand new car, they focus on having a car, new or used, that will get them to where they need to be.  What’s most important to them is that they have the basic resources to get done what they need to get done.

Being frugal forces you to be creative

Rather than going out to buy something brand new, frugal people challenge themselves to think creatively   And creativity is fun! Transforming or repurposing a simple object into something useful or fun can bring much joy.  Take for example, the 5 best toys of all time, according to children.

More time to enjoy life

Typically, frugality brings along a more simple lifestyle.  One that will allow you to enjoy life more with less financial worries and more time to do the things you really want to do.

You start taking pleasure in the basic things

Frugality brings about a sense of pleasure in doing the basic things in life.  For example cooking and baking. It can feel so rewarding to make a beautiful loaf of bread with your own two hands. Or creating a delicious soup with some veggies that were a little past their prime.  Connecting with the things that used to be a way of life for those in bygone eras can bring much joy.

You feel healthier

Feeling healthy is enough to make anyone feel good.  Leading a frugal life often leads to healthier choices.  Such as cooking from scratch more often than eating out, or choosing to go for a hike over a night at the movies because it’s free.

There’s joy in knowing we are helping our environment

Many frugal people opt to purchase anything they need secondhand. Not only is this a cheaper way of purchasing what you need, it also helps keep more things out of the landfills.

Your frugality can bless others

There’s very little that makes me happiest than when I am using my skills or abundance to make someone else happy.  Maybe it will simply be giving someone fresh tomatoes I grew in my container garden or mending a shirt when they don’t have the time or knowledge.  Seeing how happy and appreciative the recipient is of the generosity that frugality can afford me, makes me very happy I chose to be frugal.

In what ways would you say frugality brings you joy?