I started menu planning when my husband and I got married in the fall of 2007 in hopes that it would make my life simpler. I’m finding that it has and I absolutely love it! I might even go as far as saying that it was life transforming! Seriously! It has so many benefits for me and my husband. It’s not even as hard as I thought it would be!

6 reasons Why I menu plan:

I only shop once a week.

Before I was married, and living on my own, if I wanted to make something specific for dinner I would go to the store that day, thus, making multiple trips each week. Now, I know what we will be eating for an entire week in advance so I can plan my once a week grocery shopping around that specific menu. (I find shopping once a week is best for us, but there are many others families that shop every two weeks or even monthly.)

Less temptation to eat out.

In other words, we save money and eat healthier by having a prepared menu.

I have more motivation.

Since I have a menu, I don’t struggle for dinner ideas or lack ingredients. I actually get excited about making dinner, because I already know what I will be making!

We save money.

I go through my pantry before I plan our menu to see which ingredients I have on hand. This way, I don’t double up on the ingredients I need, in turn, saving us money each week. Also, I buy less spur of the moment, money grabbing items because I know I won’t need that item. I like to make enough dinner for the two of us plus enough for lunches the next day. Therefore, stopping the need to eat out for lunch!

Good use of my time.

It takes me less time to plan a weekly menu then it does to think up a meal each and every day at dinner time.

It blesses my husband.

He gets to eat a healthy meal everyday, he doesn’t have to listen to a grumpy wife complaining about making dinner, and he can properly unwind after his day!

There you have it, my reasons for menu planning! Do you menu plan?  If so why do you menu plan?