Are you interested in guest posting for Simply Frugal?  We’re currently looking for guest posts on the following topics:

Topics for the near future:

  • Organization:  your tricks and suggestions, reducing clutter, time management… etc.
  • Budgeting:  your tips & tricks, why budget, your budgeting tools…etc
  • Saving on baby/kids
  • How you save on your grocery bill
  • Freezer cooking: your recipes, tips & tricks

We’re always looking for:

  • Your tips, tricks, and hacks for simplifying life
  • Frugal recipes with cost break down and serving size (maybe meals $5 or less?)
  • Your DIY projects with tutorials and pictures
  • Ideas for free or frugal fun
  • How coupons have impacted your life
  • Anything related to simple living, saving money, or your testimonials 🙂

We (my husband has joined me!) would really love to have those of you with blogs (or without!) send along your short articles.  It’s just so great to get different views and inspiration from others!  (and it would really help us fill in some gaps and provide you with wonderful content as we step back a little with a new baby on the way)  So, please won’t you consider jotting down your awesome ideas and knowledge? 🙂

Please send an email to us here! 

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