Here at Simply Frugal, I post a lot of deals.  (Shocking, I know!  ;))  But all these deals can be dangerous in a way.  They can entice you to spend money, just because it’s a good deal.   Many of the deals I share, I share because they could be a good deal for someone, just maybe not for you or myself!

Just because something is on sale, or I posted a coupon for a product that you like, does not necessarily make it a good deal.  My number one goal through Simply Frugal, is to show you how to live a life with less excess. Less debt, less stuff, how to enjoy what you have and teach you how to get the stuff you need at a great price. This makes me really quite picky about what I do end up posting.

Here are four questions I ask myself to help me decide whether or not something is a good deal:

Deals here. Deals there. Deals everywhere! Here are four questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether or not something really "is" a good deal.

Do I have the Money to Buy it?

Probably the most important thing to take into consideration.  If buying something will push you into the red or push you further from your goal of becoming debt free, then it’s probably not worth buying.  No matter how happy it will make you, the happy feeling will most likely be temporary anyways.  Especially once you get the bill!  I’ve been there, done that!

Do I Actually Need it or Will I Use it?

Something that you use goes on sale, a pretty decent sale ta-boot.  Perfect!  You’ll grab as many as you can afford since the price is so great.  But you failed to remind yourself that you already have about 7 bottles of unopened body wash, for example.  Don’t forget your drawer full of toothpaste too!   It would probably be smarter to put that money towards something you really need a the moment.

Or maybe not, if it’s a rock bottom price on the item, you may want to go ahead and stockpile more knowing that the price might not be that low for a while and your budget can allow it.

It’s completely up to you to decide if you need it or have the money to make it worthwhile!

Will it Make My Life Easier?

In my pursuit to simplify my life, this is an important question.  If something needs to be dusted 8 times a day, then it’s not making my life easier.  If it will take up more room then we have in our closets, then it’s not worth it.  But if buying it means I don’t have to wipe the snow off the car with my arm, then the snow brush is a great investment! 🙂

Is it Really a Good Price?

There are just some things you come across and you instantly know they are a good price.  But sometimes you’re really not sure if it’s a good price, especially if you’re comparing bulk prices with a smaller package price.  This is where a price list can come in handy.  A price list allows you to track prices on items you need at the stores you shop at each week.  Over time, you’ll start noticing when particular items will go on sale and if they’re really a good price when they do go on sale.

I’m encouraging you to learn how to be a savvy deal shopper.  Learn when to pass something by and when to grab it up!   I try to post a wide range of deals (and many!) so that each day, some of them will work for you!

How do you decide to buy or not buy something? Let us know your tactics in the comments!