Frugal tips for new baby expenses

Frugal Tips For New Baby Expenses

A new baby often means you are in need of some quality tips to make ends meet.  Whether you are struggling to make sure you get everything needed for the new arrival, or have decided to not go back to work and now need to focus on being a one-income family, these frugal tips for new baby expenses are going to help you easily make your dollars stretch.

Buy second hand.  

I think this first tip has saved me the most money overall! Gently used baby clothes and baby gear are a great investment when you can buy second hand. You’ll be paying at least half the price.  Most of these items are in excellent condition since they aren’t used for long.  Clothing, bassinets, cribs, strollers and toys are great items to find second hand.  Car seats should never be purchased second hand as you don’t know their history and they can be a safety hazard.  Things like breast pumps can easily be cleaned and most second-hand options are high quality and safe to use. Double check any toy or piece of nursery furniture or equipment ahead of time to make sure no recalls have been placed before purchasing.

Cloth diaper.

Many will debate about whether this is one of the best frugal tips for new babies, but I do believe that cloth diapering can save a lot of money, depending on the child and individual family. If you will be a stay at home mom, it is much more practical and financially feasible to cloth diaper.  If your child will be in a daycare situation, it may be best to stick with disposable diapers. Weigh the pros and cons for your family and decide what is best.

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Buy just what you need.

A new baby can be exciting and make you really want more fun and cute items, but the reality is, you need very little for the first few months.  Sleepers, onesies and warm blankets are about all you need for a newborn.  A few (5-6) nicer outfits for going out and about in are great, but really, a simple sleeper is going to be the standard until they are a bit older.  Don’t invest in hundreds of outfits in small sizes.  Wait to see how fast they grow to see what works best for you.Having a new baby doesn't have to be expensive. These frugal tips for new baby expenses are going to help you easily make your dollars stretch.


I’m a firm believer of the saying “a fed baby is a happy baby”, but if possible, breastfeeding is one of the best frugal tips for a new baby. If you can’t for any reason, then consult with your pediatrician about a healthy formula alternative. Remember, you are an excellent mama no matter how you feed your baby!

Buy or borrow a breast pump.  

Quality breasts pumps can cost upwards of $200. Many hospitals, pediatrician offices and Le Leche League affiliations will allow you to “check out” or “borrow” a breast pump for a small fee each month, or no charge at all. However, technology has come a long way since I’ve had babies and there are many great affordable options available that make purchasing one way more cost effective!

Utilize free classes.

Many areas offer free Le Leche League as well as Lamaze classes for pregnant or postpartum moms.  Don’t pay out of pocket when you can find assistance for free through your local hospital or physician’s office.

Ask for coupons.

Many companies from all over the world will mail you coupons of some sample items for your baby.  Everything from formula to diapers and even lotions or snacks can be found for free using coupons or special forms on various company websites.

Buy all-in-one items.

Things like a convertible playpen that has a bassinet included can work great for next to your bed when the baby is small, then work as a fun area for them to safely play as they get older. Stroller and car seat combination sets are also often much less expensive than buying each piece separately.

Make your own baby food.

Instead of buying brand name baby foods, choose organic produce and create your own purees to feed your baby when the time is right. Carrot, sweet potato, peas, apple sauce and even prunes are all so easy to whip up! I loved these Baby Cubes for freezing the purees.

Buy unisex items.

Unisex items are easier to use down the road for a future sibling should the need arise. This is savings for now and later!

These frugal tips for your new baby expenses are easy to follow and work for any situation. A new baby is such a joy! Don’t let finances trouble you. Use these practical tips to save money for your future and their future.

I’d love to know how you save money on new baby expenses?

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