ou’ve heard of The Complete Tightwad Gazette?  It’s full of great money saving tips!  Among the articles, there’s Amy’s list of 10 Painless Ways to Save $100 This Year.  I thought it would be fun to list the 10 point then compare how we’re measuring up in our life to her suggestions:

1.     Purchase 10 articles of clothing at thrift stores and yard sales this year instead of paying department store prices.

I really need to do this more often. Although I always go straight for the sale rack in a retail store, I’ve often found great items in a thrift store in nearly new condition! My mother in law finds clothing all the time with the tags still attached even.

2.     Hang four loads of laundry per week instead of using your dryer.

I’m guilty of not doing this either! I will occasionally hang clothes in the summer months as it’s not very feasible to do all year round here. We also live in a condo and not supposed to have clothing hanging outside.

3.     Once a month make a pizza from scratch instead of having one delivered.

I actually do this! I find it’s very economical to make any bread dough from scratch, pizza dough included.

4.     Write a good letter instead of making a monthly long distance phone call.

I think this suggestion is a bit outdated. (book was written in the early ’90s) Email is what I use!

5.     Reduce your soda consumption by four cans per week.

We hardly drink pop. I never buy it at the grocery store. We’ll occasionally drink it at a restaurant but most of the time it’s water.

6.     Bake one batch of bread (two loaves) per week.

Yup, do this too! I switch it up between a loaf of bread or buns. I also don’t do this every week as my husband is the only one that eats bread. (Well, I do eat a little bit, it’s just not my thing)

7.     Save $50 each on two children’s birthday parties by making homemade decorations, cake, wrapping paper, and one present.

Since we don’t have children yet, I’m saving a lot! But, I have a feeling that I’ll want to bake a cake myself when that day arrives since I enjoy that sort of thing!

8.     Reduce your smoking by three cigarettes per day (or give up smoking altogether and save even more.)

Not applicable to us.

9.     Reduce your whole milk consumption by two gallons per week, substituting dry milk in cooking, homemade cocoa mix, and in half and half for drinking.

Well, I buy 1% milk each week in a 4 liter jug which lasts just over a week in our household. I do use powdered milk in a few of my recipes but I do find it expensive and it does not appeal to me for drinking purposes!

10.     Pack four inexpensive school lunches per week.

We pack our work lunches everyday. I always make plenty of dinner so that we can have a hot lunch the next day.

Inspired by Amy’s list, I’m going to be sharing my list of how we save at least $100 a year in the very near future. So stay tuned! What would your list say?

The point of this post was to say that it only takes one small thing to begin saving money. A penny saved is a penny earned! It’s easier to cut back on a luxury than to look for a raise or more work. It doesn’t matter how much money we make. What does matter is that we know how to wisely steward the money we earn.