From the laundry detergent you use, to the gifts you wrap and place under the tree, here are 101 Ways To Save Money On Everyday Purchases!

From the laundry detergent you use, to the gifts you wrap and place under the tree, here are 101 Ways To Save Money fast on Everyday Purchases! Sometimes it means doing a little bit of extra work, and other times it is as simple as printing a coupon. These easy tips will help you to always get the best deal, and still have the things you need and want.

101 Ways To Save Money Fast

  1. Clip coupons
  2. Buy sale priced items
  3. Always check the clearance racks
  4. Buy the generic brand instead of name brand
  5. Buy items in bulk for lower price per unit
  6. Shop at club stores for better prices per unit
  7. Buy meat direct from the farm
  8. Make your own laundry products (Homemade Dryer Sheets)
  9. Grow your own produce
  10. Raise your own chickens
  11. Get organized to save big
  12. Use a store rewards card
  13. Sign up for email newsletters from the businesses you love for occasional discounts
  14. Use senior citizen discounts
  15. Use student discounts
  16. Sign up for birthday freebies
  17. Buy items that have rebates available
  18. Turn down the heat a degree or two
  19. Share meals when eating out
  20. Shop at thrift stores
  21. Shop post holiday sales for school supplies, party supplies, kids dress up and holiday themed items
  22. Trade kids clothing in good condition with friends and family that have items in larger sizes
  23. Make your own homemade cleaning supplies
  24. Use cloth instead of paper for napkins, cleaning and even diapers or wipes
  25. Skip the coffee shop and make your own at home
  26. Get discounts on appliances when they are dinged, dented or cosmetically damaged
  27. Use social media to get discounts by tweeting, sharing or emailing
  28. Become a loyal customer and receive rewards
  29. Negotiate for service oriented things like automotive repairs, appliance service or even roofing on your home by getting estimates from several people and asking your choice to give you the same price as other bidders
  30. Compare prices for home insurance to get the best price
  31. Shop the manager’s special deals for meat at your grocery store
  32. Buy clearance produce in bulk then prep and freeze for later
  33. Make your own homemade spice mixes for taco seasoning, ranch dip and more
  34. Make your own flavored water with fresh fruit
  35. Shop off season for better deals on clothing
  36. Buy last year’s model of electronics to save moneyThese 101 ways to save money fast will help you to always get the best deal, and still have the things you need AND want.
  37. Buy gift cards when they are on sale or offering extra gift cards with purchase for “free” money
  38. Shop eBay for everything from electronics to kids clothes
  39. Shop Craigslist/Kijiji or Facebook Groups for books, DVD’s, electronics, clothing and furniture at great prices
  40. Buy the furniture with blemishes for better prices
  41. Shop outlet stores and websites for deals on name brand items
  42. Download the app for every store or brand you use regularly for extra deals
  43. Use coupon apps like Checkout 51 for immediate savings and rebates
  44. Buy larger sized clothing for kids so they last two seasons
  45. Check out books from the library instead of buying them
  46. Download free eBooks from Amazon, Goodreads or other eReader sites
  47. Cut your own hair instead of going to the salon
  48. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  49. Learn to sew your own basic dresses, shirts, pants and even blankets or pillow cases
  50. Stream movies through Netflix instead of going to the movies
  51. Plan a weekly menu with $5 Meal Plan
  52. Turn in old appliances for credit
  53. Earn gift cards and rewards to pay for purchases through Swagbucks
  54. Use your medical insurance to pay for a gym membership (many policies cover this, you simply have to ask) US only
  55. Choose a Nurse Practitioner instead of an M.D. when paying out of pocket for quality treatment at a lower out of pocket price US only
  56. Use the no name prescriptions instead of the brand name prescriptions to pay less
  57. Ask to buy the display model of electronics and furniture for lower prices
  58. Use Priceline, Expedia or Trivago when planning vacations to get the lowest prices on flights, hotels and rental cars
  59. Shop drug stores like Shopper Drug Mart for makeup, cleaning products and household supplies using their rewards program to earn money toward future purchases
  60. Rent items you will only use once or twice like formal dresses, tuxedos or even small tools and equipment for home improvement projects
  61. Use a slow cooker or Instant Pot to bake and cook items instead of the oven in the summer to lower utility costs
  62. Use a water filter instead of bottled water
  63. Drink water at restaurants instead of soft drinks or alcohol
  64. Take leftovers for lunch instead of going out with your coworkers
  65. Carpool to work with coworkers, your spouse or neighbors
  66. Sell your car and use public transportation if you live in or near the city
  67. Exercise at home using streamed videos or DVD’s instead of paying for a gym membership
  68. Drop the phone contract and use a pre-paid plan instead
  69. Drop your home phone and use only a cell phone
  70. Shop through Amazon to save
  71. Use a store or gas station reward card or credit card for extra gas rewards and discounts
  72. Rotate your tires regularly – it helps them last longer since they won’t be wearing more in one area than another
  73. Complete surveys on the back of receipts for future discounts
  74. Make your own scented bath products using essential oils, coconut oil, Shea butter, sugar and Epsom salts for various scrubs, butters and washes
  75. Shop club stores for bulk packages of towels, washcloths and hand towels for super low rates
  76. Shop dollar stores for books, crayons, coloring books, puzzles, candy and even craft supplies at half or more off regular prices
  77. Take outgrown or unwanted clothing to consignment shops
  78. Make your own bread mix, pancake mix, brownie mix or cookie mixes
  79. Skip kids meals and order a la carte for lower priced food for kids
  80. Watch YouTube videos to learn new dances, makeup techniques or even how to market your business instead of paying for pricey classes
  81. Use conditioner as shave gel (cheap and works great!)
  82. Stock up on select items during seasonal sales: Baking supplies during holiday events, turkey during Thanksgiving sales, hamburger and steaks during summer BBQ events, condiments during the summer and so on
  83. Take advantage of free samples on new products, they often come with coupons. Check websites and social media for freebies
  84. Email or snail mail to companies of brands you like to ask for free products or coupons (many will send you at least one coupon for a free item)
  85. Use discount nights for local events, fairs or carnivals
  86. Use CAA discounts for hotel rooms, rental cars, movie tickets, bookstores and even coffee houses
  87. Shop the butcher counter right before store closing for deals on meats
  88. Before placing an online order, shop through Rakuten first to earn cashback on your order
  89. Shop the grocery store’s clearance racks for deals on bread, produce, medicine, hair care and more
  90. Order your contact lenses online
  91. Shop your local farmers market for produce that will last longer because it’s fresher
  92. Buy used appliances from local rent to own locations for lower prices with a warranty
  93. Shop on lower shelves for better prices – popular items are often placed at eye level and priced higher
  94. Measure price per unit, ounce or quantity for best prices
  95. Recycle aluminum cans and glass to get back the deposit you paid for them
  96. Mow your own grass and handle lawn care needs instead of paying for a service
  97. Use daily deal sites like Groupon, WagJag and more to save on entertainment, services and more!
  98. Go to matinées instead of later showings for cheaper movie ticket prices
  99. Attend high school and college plays instead of professional productions for fun without the high cost
  100. Change your own oil at home instead of taking to an oil change center
  101. Become a mystery shopper to get reimbursed for eating out and auto maintenance

I’m sure there are many other ways to save that we could add to the list. What are your favorite ways to save?

These 101 ways to save on everyday purchases are all about thinking outside the box. Rather than accepting the price of everything, evaluate and see how you can save by making it yourself, doing without or waiting for a coupon or sale.