Do you have quite a few diaper wipe containers sitting around waiting to be put to use for something other than a wipes holder?  Here are some unique ideas to help you put them to good use!

Don't throw out your empty wipes containers yet! Take a look at these 11 unique ways to reuse baby wipe containers that you're sure to love.

Gift boxes:

Decorate the boxes with scrapbook paper, buttons, paint or whatever you fancy, then fill them with a bunch of goodies that you know the recipient will enjoy.

Treasure chest for birthday party loot bags:

Create a treasure map leaving clues for little pirates, which will lead them to their “treasure chest” loot bags.

Craft supply holder:

Fill the containers with various craft supplies such as crayons or glitter containers.  Then label the outside to make it easy to find what you need.

Toy for babies:

Babies might like to put objects into the top of the box, then you could empty it, then baby could start all over.

Piggy bank:

Get you kids to decorate the boxes in their own way to make saving money fun

Plastic bag holder:

If you have an abundance of plastic grocery bags, the containers might make a great way to keep them all in one tidy spot.

Hair accessory organization:

Wrangle up all the bobby pins, elastics and clips by using a wipes container.

Coupon storage box:

Create some category dividers using recipe cards then organize all your coupons in a handy little box.

First aid kit:

Keep all the basic first aid supplies on hand at all times.  Great for in the car!

For holding your own DIY cleaning or baby wipes:

Here’s an easy recipe for DIY cleaning wipes and here’s a recipe for DIY baby wipes.

Baby sock organization:

Keep all those tiny socks in one place in the drawer…if they don’t get lost in the laundry first!

Have you got any other brilliant ideas on how to reuse diaper wipe containers?