Have you attempted to live by a budget and failed?  Maybe you forgot to factor in a few splurges?   I personally think you’re bound to fail, time and time again, if you leave out the “fun factor” of a budget.  After all, no one likes boring!  If you’re realistic, no matter how much you want to keep within your budget and avoid spending on unnecessary things, you are bound to give in to your temptations and splurge at some point.  Never mind the feeling of guilt if you spend some of your gas money on a night at the movies!

So even allotting a small amount of cash for splurges each month can actually encourage you to enjoy frugality and your budget to it’s fullest because you may be forced to get creative with the activities you are able to afford.  Being creative is always fun and quite often makes you think up brand new adventures!

Here are the three splurges I think you should include in your spending:

3 splurges you should include in your budget to avoid budget failure. #splurge #personalfinance #budget #budgeting #budgettips


It would be unrealistic to think that you can have a budget and not factor in some form of entertainment.  After all, we all crave some adventure and fun in our lives.  Without an entertainment “allowance” you’ll be setting yourself up for failure in the budgeting department.  Whether or not you set aside $200 or $5 a month, as frugal people, we tend to come up with cheap and entertainment ideas anyways!  I’ve got a big list of Cheap Family Activities for you to check out here!


Having a budget and being frugal doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Give yourself a break and factor in some pampering.  This could mean a trip to the “fancy” hair salon every 6 months or even a bi-weekly house cleaning service!  Or, even if at this point in time your budget cannot allow much at all, check out my ideas for Beauty on a Budget.

Dining out

Unavoidably, there will be times each month when you find you have to eat out.  Why not plan accordingly and have some money set aside in your budget for those occasions?  If you’re like my husband and I, you enjoy eating out.  We set aside money so that we can enjoy a dinner out once a week…without feeling guilty!  I even factor our weekly dinner out into our meal plans so I’m not buying extra food for that day, which could go to waste.

Of course, your income and expenses will determine how much can be set aside for splurges.  But start off small, then increase as you can.  The longer you stick to your budget, the more splurges you’ll be able to fit in.  Use your splurges as motivation and rewards to keep you working at your financial goals!

How do you work splurges into your budget?  What are some of your ideas for cheap fun?  Let us know in the comments!