3 weeks to a spring clean home

I fully intended on getting this post up earlier today, but I completely misjudged how dirty my bags were!  I had to stick them both in the wash and let them air dry so I didn’t ruin them.

And yes, I have two bags that I alternate.  One is my big diaper bag that carry around anytime I have Sienna with me, so it gets used the most. My other “pretty” teal bag is one I take when I’m on my own and don’t need as much toddler paraphernalia.


Honestly, I was quite amazed with everything I had in both bags!

bag contents

The old Cheerios, cracker, plastic spoon and expired coupon got thrown away and everything else I just organized back into my bags.  The diaper bag has a tone of pockets inside which makes it great for storing all the little things.  Also, can you believe I have a winning Roll Up the Rim from Tim Hortons?! It’s just a coffee, but I never win!  I’ll have to redeem it before it’s too late.

I posted this picture to Instagram which is actually quite embarrassing.  Are those leftover fries and raisins? ewww.

bag inside

Here are the bags all clean.  They even smell good 🙂  Now my grocery bags, notebooks, hand lotions, wallet, and snacks for Sienna and I are easier to find!

bag 1 finished bag 2 finished

How did you do on today’s task?  I’d love for you to leave a comment!