3 weeks to a spring clean home

Are you ready to get your Spring Clean on?  I am!  For the next three weeks, I’m setting aside some time to complete one task a day to be on my way to a cleaner home.  I’d love for you to join me!

Task 4

  • Clean out your fridge.  I will have a post up today with details on how to clean your fridge and keep it organized!  Make sure to wipe the top too!

As I go along, I’ll be purging items that I see we don’t need or use anymore.  I’ll either put them in a donation box or try selling them on a local Facebook Buy & Sell site.

Get your FREE printable checklist

I’ve put together a printable checklist for you to reference over the next three weeks.  If you’re interested in getting this free printable, sign up here for the Spring Cleaning email list!  Along with the printable, you’ll receive an email each day with that day’s task and my end of the day update.  There will also be useful articles for Spring Cleaning thrown in.  At the end of the challenge, I’ll also be putting together an ebook that you will be able to get access to if you’re signed up for the Spring Cleaning email list!

Will you be joining me today? If so, leave a comment below!