3 weeks to a spring clean home

Guys, it’s like chaos with a two year old and trying to get these updates up at a decent time!  While I did get the freezers cleaned out, I also had to go grocery shopping for Sienna’s birthday party this weekend, put laundry away, work, play and make meals.  I know, I know, most of you are in the same boat. 🙂

I’m ashamed to admit, but I threw out almost 5 grocery bags of stuff from both of our freezers 🙁  It felt sort of good though, because I have been looking at that stuff for quite some time thinking I should really throw it out. Now we only have stuff that is edible!

Here’s our fridge freezer before and after.  Tidier and crumb free:

small freezer after

And our deep freezer.  I really wanted to defrost it, but it’s too warm here to store the food outside and our little freezer was too full!  It’s on my list for a winter project 😛

deep freezer after

Not a huge noticeable difference, but it’s definitely emptier and I can see everything we have because it’s organized!  I almost wish we didn’t have the deep freezer because it’s so empty right now and seems like wasted energy, but our fridge/freezer is only an apartment sized unit, so things get tight really quickly!

How did you do with today’s task?  Please share in the comments!