3 weeks to a spring clean home

Well, I sort of knew today wouldn’t be one of my better days for accomplishing my spring cleaning task.  We had a doctor checkup and a few other interruptions in our day that didn’t let me get to any furniture moving until late afternoon. I did manage to clean under quite a few furniture/appliance items including under our stove.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long ago that I cleaned under it, yet it was full of dust bunnies and a piece of broken glass!


My camera was being funny today and Jesse had the cell phone as he was at the park with Sienna so I only have that one lone picture.  But, I did vacuum under the dressers in our bedroom, the TV stand, the computer desk, the fridge, stove and another cabinet.  I didn’t get to the BIG cabinets or the washing machine and dryer since my husband wasn’t around to help.

How did you do with today’s task?  Leave a comment!