Being able to give gifts is tough on a budget, but these are the best baby gifts anyone can afford. Not only are they going to be useful for the new mom and dad, they will fit easily into any budget. Thinking outside the box is important, but it can be tough to come up with a fun idea that doesn’t break the bank. These ideas are ideal for you to give one of the best baby gifts without going outside your budget.

5 Best Baby Gifts On A Budget

Meals for post-birth.

One of the best baby gifts you can give a new mom is relieving her stress by cooking a meal or two to help out after she has the baby. This is budget friendly, easy for you to accomplish and great for the new parents. Ask about their dietary preferences, and then create a simple meal that they can slip into their freezer until needed.

Baby wipes.

You can never have enough baby wipes. You will be using them well into toddler hood, even after potty training is finished! Baby wipes are available in multiple package sizes as low as $1 per pack. Quite literally any budget can afford to purchase baby wipes. I recommend buying only unscented wipes since they are safest on sensitive skin, and buying in various package sizes is a great idea. Moms may prefer to have a few of the smaller packages to go in purses, cars or even to have on hand in their own bedroom for those emergency cleanup situations. A simple bundle of baby wipes with a pretty bow is a great gift.

Gift Cards.

These can easily fit into any budget you may have. Even a $5-$10 gift card works great for things like diapers, a fast lunch on the go or other needed items post-baby. A card with a note of encouragement is a great choice to go along with your gift card, and I promise that every parent will appreciate even the smallest gift cards.

Sleepers or onesies.

Babies will live primarily in sleepers and onesies in the first few months, and both of these are fairly inexpensive. Having a bunch on hand will make it easier for new moms not have so much laundry to worry about doing right away. They are also easy to personalize with iron on patches, fabric paint or embroidery for an extra special take on one of the best baby gifts around.

Baby first aid kit.

Many new parents are prepared for dirty diapers and needing blankets, but those rarely used items that are often needed at the most inconvenient times may not be in their arsenal. Things like nail clippers, a syringe to clean noses (I love that one!), cotton swabs for cleaning the umbilical cord and even infant fever reducers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can all come in handy. Don’t forget a thermometer and a list of emergency numbers for things like poison control or a 24 hour nurses hotline.

These are the best baby gifts that are useful and affordable for any budget. They will be great for any new parent to receive.

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