Summer is in the air and your local farmers markets are open and ready to provide you with super fresh and flavorful produce.  Wandering the market makes for a perfect morning or afternoon and supporting local farmers is a great bonus.  Here are 5 fantastic reasons to get out there and buy local produce.

5 Reasons to Buy Local Produce

Wandering the farmer's market makes for a perfect morning or afternoon and supporting local farmers is a great bonus. Here are 5 fantastic reasons to buy local produce.

Flavor & Freshness.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season provide you with the best flavors and are perfect for your favorite recipes.  Vendors usually put the best of their crop up front, so get there early.

Support Farmers.

Smaller family farms rely on their yearly crops and benefit from us buying directly from them each season.  You can also stimulate your local economy by shopping at your grocery store when you look for locally grown produce.

Sense of community.

By supporting local farmers and buying their produce, you can feel a sense of community while shopping at the farmer’s markets.  It’s a chance to get to know who’s growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your surrounding area as well as ask questions about how they are grown.

Healthy eating.

When buying local, the fruits and vegetables you buy and cook with are ready to eat. They are filled with their natural nutrients and provide a healthier option on your dinner table.

Environmentally friendly.

By visiting your local farmer’s markets and buying fresh produce, you’re helping to protect the environment by cutting down on the travel expense of transporting from province to province or even country to country.  Overall air pollution is lessened and truck fuel is saved.

For the best experience, go early and enjoy visiting all of the vendors at your own pace.  Some vendors will offer samples so that you can taste what you are buying.  Many times you end up finding fruit and vegetable varieties that you may never have heard of before. Enjoy the fruits of their labors all season long!