Small homes are not a bad thing! Here are 5 fantastic reasons why you should  love your small home.

You may have heard me from time to time talk about our small home. At only 900 square feet, there have been various times when I have been unhappy with our living situation, but other times I have been very thankful and content! In my mind, bigger is definitely not always better.  If it weren’t for the needs of our family and needing a wee bit more space (namely, more bedrooms!) we’d probably be staying here for quite some time.

However, today, I wanted to list of some of the reasons why I love our small home:

Less to clean

I’m a weirdo and I actually enjoy cleaning, but I think that’s largely due to the fact that there is not much surface area to cover in our home. It really doesn’t take me long to get the house looking clean!

Less expensive

We live in a townhouse so we pay a monthly strata fee, but included in this is our water bill, garbage bill and general maintenance costs to the common areas. When you think about it, we’re saving a ton by “sharing” the costs with our fellow townhouse neighbors. We also only pay for electricity because our home is not heated with natural gas. One bill to run our place! Also, when we did our small kitchen reno several years back, it was very affordable because the kitchen is so small we didn’t need to buy a lot of materials. I can’t forget to add that it’s very affordable to live here. We paid off the mortgage when we were married almost 9 years ago. (I’ll credit my smart husband with that one ;))

Really makes me think before I purchase something

Living in a small space means we usually have a storage issue. Especially with kids. So anytime I’m tempted to purchase something, I really have to think about whether or not we have the room for it or if I feel like maintaining the item. Many times I decide we don’t need an item simply because we don’t have enough room! Keeps a lot of money in my wallet. 😉

We’re “always” together

This one is a bit tricky since both my husband and I are introverts and need time to ourselves to recharge. But, due to the size of our home, there’s no where to go to get away from each other. Ha! However, this has been a good thing as well, because we’re forced to deal with our issues and put ourselves aside for the sake of our family.

Easier to Decorate

Having very limited wall space has made decorating our home a breeze. Basically the only thing that gets changed somewhat regularly is our mantle. I change the minimal decor each season. Currently it has a fake plant (stays all year except at Christmas time), two decorative side plates, and three candle holders. Cheap and easy.

If you live in a small home, what are some things that you enjoy about it?