The reality is that sometimes things break and need to be replaced. When shopping for anything for your home, work, or yard, you might be wondering if you need to buy something brand new or if used is a better option. In some cases, used is perfectly fine and can score you a better deal. Other times, you will want to take the brand new route. So how do you know which way to choose? Take a look below at this helpful list of 5 things to buy new, and 5 things to buy used. Hopefully, this will help you decide if new or used is right for you when making a purchase!

5 Things to Buy New, 5 Things to Buy Used

Take a look at this helpful list of 5 things to buy new, and 5 things to buy used. This will help you decide if new or used is right for you when making a purchase!

5 Things to Buy New:

Bakeware: You want the piece to still have a good non-stick coating on it, so buying new is a good idea. Good deals are always around on bakeware, so it makes sense to go ahead and buy an unused piece.

Bras: This might seem obvious, but you would be amazed how many people are buying bras on Ebay, online sales sites, and thrift shops. You want excellent support, and you just don’t know how often the bra has been worn. Instead, avoid weak elastic and try a new one instead.

Area rugs: You might see a great deal on a used area rug or carpet remnant, but avoid getting sucked in. Chances are you will need to steam clean the piece anyways, and it could contain everything from bed bugs to the smell of cigarette smoke.

Space heaters: Space heaters are great to warm up a space, but avoid buying used ones. They could pose a fire hazard if they malfunction, and since you don’t know how much and how it has been used, it is better to skip it.

Bedding items: Due to health concerns, bedding items such as mattresses, sheets, pillows, and shams should always be purchased new. You don’t know how often they have been used, which is especially important with mattresses. Bed bugs are also a concern.

5 Things to Buy Used:

Wooden/metal furniture pieces: You can always get a better deal on household furniture when you buy used. Solid pieces (do NOT buy upholstered in case of bugs) can be easily cleaned and fixed if needed, and you will pay a fraction of the cost of new.

Jackets: Thrift stores have excellent sales on jackets, and even if you add in the cost of a cleaning you are still getting a great deal. And because people switch wardrobes often, you could very easily find a coat from as early as last season on the rack.

Books: Always buy used books! You can buy them at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost of new. Library sales are a great place to stock up on books, as are garage and rummage sales.

Picture frames: Picture frames are pricey, so try finding them used instead. You can find them at thrift stores and use them as is or give them a splash of paint for a quick pick me up.

Movies and Music: Don’t pay full price for movies and music. Instead, buy these items second hand or rent them from the local library. You will save a ton and still get the music and movies you love.

Baby and Maternity Items: Aside from car seats, I think most things related to baby should be bought used.  You’ll save big time when it comes to purchasing big ticket items like strollers and swings. Both baby and maternity clothes are also great to buy used because they don’t get worn much before they’re outgrown.

Hopefully, this list will give you an idea of the items you should buy new and the ones you should buy used. Take these into consideration when shopping and see how much you can save!

What would you add to the list?